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St Francis Aldridge - exclusions and managed move

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Flmario Thu 09-May-19 20:20:10

I have grandchildren that have attended this school over many years. The school was a wonderful place with each student reaching their potential getting decent jobs and contributing to society. A new Head started a couple of years ago and I can see the difference in my grandchildren currently at the school.
They tell me that students (particularly Year 10 boys) are being encouraged to ‘managed move’ or excluded for what to me seem to be the most trivial reasons.
My grandchildren at the school are no longer carefree and happy. They are good kids but seemed scared to death that if they put a step wrong they will be kicked out.
I am thinking that everything I am being told about this school suggests that it is going downhill (mostly because teachers are leaving in droves) and instead of looking to the school management for the reasons they have decided that introducing ridiculously strict discipline for the pupils.
Am I being unreasonable?

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