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AQA Geog GCSE question - paper 3 - HELP!

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tadpolefeet Mon 06-May-19 18:05:12

Hi there,
I'm looking for a Geog teacher, or anyone whose son/daughter is doing Geog AQA GCSE (Yr 11). I'm trying to find out what they should have done by now - specifically for Paper 3.
I fear that my ds's teacher is a bit all over the place. He is still finishing off two case studies, and also (after Easter) they were given the pre-release booklet which they are working on alongside the case studies. Is this normal? How much time would you expect to be spent preparing for Paper 3, after they receive the booklet. Think it will be 3 or 4 lessons max. Is this sufficient? Son is not clear what Paper 3 actually involves, as they have never seen one before. This sounds pretty cr*p, doesn't it?
Any words of wisdom, or thoughts about what I should be asking the Head of Dept?
Many thanks!

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AMC40 Sat 11-May-19 15:52:19

Did he get some practice questions? They normally practice lots of potential q’s based on what is likely to come up in the exam. Plus, skills in linking across topics e.g ecosytems plus development. Decision making question 9 marks plus spelling - need to write detailed, well explained and evidenced answers. Ref to the sources and wider understanding. They get fresh copy of the booklet in the exam. Lots of mindmapping, flashcards for definitions and practice q’s are best revision techniques for geog. Learn key words and definitions! Good luck!

titchy Sat 11-May-19 16:04:03

This is a sample:

BelindasGleeTeam Sat 11-May-19 17:25:33

Paper 3 is the fieldwork paper. It's about techniques.

Kids need to know where they went and why, why methods they used and why, and be able to evaluate those methods and the validity of the data they collected.

Pre-release is the other element of it. They have a booklet to study which covers a geographical issue and they are asked questions about the data etc as well as interpretive questions about the topic matter.

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