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removing kids from state school early - heading to private school

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Comefromaway Wed 01-May-19 12:19:53

I did the opposite (moved ds from private to state at the end of year 8) and the local authority actually advised me to take ds out of his private school for the last half term if I wanted to (he was having big problems there)

snoozy71 Wed 01-May-19 11:19:51

yep thats what i was thinking!

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HeidioftheAlps Wed 01-May-19 11:16:53

You could deregister and say you are homeschooling so you didn't get a fine.

snoozy71 Wed 01-May-19 11:01:33

hiya, nope not primary school - moving in to year 9 so i don't think they'd miss out on much.

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Comefromaway Wed 01-May-19 11:00:37

I'd de-register them then re-register them when they start at the private school.

sleepwhenidie Wed 01-May-19 10:55:56

They won't miss out on funding, that is based on pupils on the roll in January (at least in our borough, I'd imagine that's typical).

You are risking a fine but I don't know what appetite there would be to enforce it - could go either way.

Is it the end of primary school? If so then I'd think about what nice end of year 6/leaving assemblies etc that the twins would be sad to miss?

snoozy71 Wed 01-May-19 10:51:45

feedback welcome on a dilemma!! My twins are moving to private school next year from their local state school. Their current school breaks up late in the summer (19 july) and their new school heads back very early so they end up with a 5 week summer holiday. Their little sister is already in the private system and is getting a 9/10 week holiday (soooo long!!)

Anyway i got to thinking the other day that maybe i should take my twins out of their school at the same time that their little sister breaks up. If i'm honest the main reason being we can get a cheaper summer holiday but also so they get a longer break .

Am i allowed to do this? Part of me thinks its a great idea and then the other part that its morally wrong. Would the school miss out on funding if i withdraw the kids 2 or 3 weeks early? If they do then i wouldn't do it as i know funds are very tight with them. Would i get a fine - i'm presuming not as i'd have withdrawn the kid from the state system.

Anyone any thoughts.

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