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crunchtime1 Fri 05-Apr-19 16:40:24

Hi all,

So so sad and utterly pissed off!

3 weeks ago dc had deodorant sprayed in his hair, face .... happened again the following week (this is when I was told) I emailed the hoy and made her aware... ln between those episodes same child pulls my dc to the floor with the handle from his ruck sack , constantly making remarks , ' pencil dick' 'fat' takes the piss out of his lunch box contents...

Yesterday I'm waiting in pick up point , no sign of my ds , 20 mins later I go into school, he had been kept behind because his work was presented 'not good enough ' so was ask to do it again , that's fine , but what if He'd had a taxi waiting or an appointment to get to, they should have at least informed me.he got in the car and sobbed ....just before that lesson dc was in line to go in, same child has a sewing needle, jibs it into his chest, has caused small blood blister... ds said said it hurt and was told you can feel it with your fat, he's not even fat! And firstly what gives the bastard the right to actually pierce my sons skin , how dare he!! I am absolutely bouncing over it , I didn't send him today , have rang the school, was asked to email and a pic of the mark which I have ... the 'said demon child' has messaged my ds this pm ' hey dude why were you not in school ' obviously it's been ignored. Wtf is that all about!!

Wtf is wrong with kids of today??

Ive got his name down for two Other schools in the area but no spaces of yet, I'm heart broken for him , he's begged me not to tell the school because hel get called a snake but I can't let this happen.

Sorry it's all over the place that's how my head feels with it

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seven201 Fri 05-Apr-19 17:34:53

That's so horrible. You absolutely did the right thing telling the school.

The keeping him behind after school with no notice is probably a school policy.

Smith888 Fri 05-Apr-19 20:39:24

You did the right thing. Make sure you go straight to head with list of incidents. You may still need to move his school though. Does he have good friends there?

TansyViola Fri 05-Apr-19 21:56:52

Not that the school knew but I'm not surprised his work wasn't good enough. I wouldn't be able to concentrate on my work either if someone had done that to me!
The boy sounds appalling. I hope it is either stopped by the school or you are able to move him. flowers

crunchtime1 Fri 05-Apr-19 22:57:42

Thank you ladies, bless his heart I just want to wrap him up, it's heartbreaking to think what others are capable of. I've scanned his statement and I have had a email back to say they will investigate after Easter, I'm going to get on to admissions Monday and see where he is on the continued interest list, I just want him out of there now, thank you for your replies x

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rollingeyesrant Wed 15-May-19 15:11:22

Just an update... we have a place at a school and start after half term , so pleased 😀

rollingeyesrant Wed 15-May-19 15:11:57

Name change ☝️☝️

malmontar Wed 15-May-19 16:31:31

Great! I’m so happy for him, hope it’s been bearable last couple of weeks.

rollingeyesrant Wed 15-May-19 17:11:55

@malmontar it's been heartbreaking dropping him off watching him walk in, but onwards and upwards and hopefully it's his time to thrive now , thank you xx

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