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Culcheth High School. Golbourne High School

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RomanyQueen1 Sun 31-Mar-19 19:11:15

I Think you'll get more performing Arts at Golbourne and it comes under Wigan Council, they have a brilliant music service.
Culcheth is a lot smaller, can't offer the same and I believe Cheshire CC, where music service isn't as good.

callmeadoctor Sun 31-Mar-19 19:02:19

Culcheth High School, easy choice :-)

kk2007 Thu 28-Mar-19 08:09:36

Do any parents have any opinions on these two schools? I'm new to the area so have visited them both. Both schools seem really good but as one of my children may need some SEN, we are unsure which one to apply for as our 1st choice. Performing arts, music and sport are also important factors to consider. They are in year 8.

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