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Open mic night

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Linneasweet Tue 19-Mar-19 19:26:03

Hi all, I have taken on my dd's secondary school open mic evening on behalf of the PTA and have absolutely no idea where to start! It never been arranged before so no one to ask either. I got a older student who will kind of present it but any other tips? It's supposed to be a simple event with minimal input from adults. Anyone here who arranged one and can give me some pointers?

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BackforGood Wed 20-Mar-19 00:00:58

I haven't organised one, but I'd have thought it would be a good idea to have a run through first.... whether you call it an audition or a rehearsal, the dc probably won't have thought through the practicalities of either their performance or (even less so) how the acts are going to follow one another on.

So - if there are going to be a few 'bands' - do they set up their own equipment, or 'plug in to' each others amps / use each others drum kits, etc?
Do you have a sound engineer ?
How long does each 'act' get ? (one song? / 5mins?)
Will there be any "censorship" (for want of a better word) to check nobody is about to perform anything that you really wouldn't want in your show ? (I presume this is another good reason for an 'audition' / rehearsal)
Is it a mix of any sort of act ? Comedians, magicians, classical cellists, a bunch of kids getting together to call themselves a band ?
Is it a competition or just a 'performance' ? - I'd say an open mic show is a performance, but many of the dc will only have experience of things like Strictly / The Voice, etc.
Are people who don't attend the school allowed to take part? (potentially as a solo, but what if someone's mate / brother from another school is part of the band of pupils that do go to your school ?)
Do they have to sign up beforehand (see rehearsal / audition above)?
Is it first come first serve or can you work round fitting more or fewer 'acts' in by giving them longer / shorter time slots ?

Then, the practicalities of organising any event - ticket cost, selling them, other money making ways - refreshments, raffles etc. Clearing up afterwards. Enough adults to do 'front of house' as well as 'back stage'

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