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Justee Thu 14-Mar-19 21:41:02

HI, We are planning to move to Swanley and looking for a property. We have 2 kids -4 and 1,5. The older one will start reception this year. I also will be looking for a childminder for the younger one.
My question is: are there any areas of Swanley to avoid? Any recommendable?
What about the area near Holy Apostles Church/Kettlewell Close/Leisure Centre?

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Ionacat Fri 15-Mar-19 09:44:13

Probably worth posting this in a local board. I grew up on the outskirts of Swanley so my information will be out of date and it has had a lot of investment in the town centre, but the villages on the outskirts are much nicer than the town itself - Crockenhill, Eynsford, Swanley Village etc. The ‘pinks hill’ area - Azalea drive so the Crockenhill side of the station probably one of the best parts, not sure about other parts these days.

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