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Shawlands Academy Glasgow

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Langsidemum Thu 14-Mar-19 20:33:53

Hiya - really hoping to reach out to parents with kids at Shawlands Academy in Glasgow to find out about their experiences.

We currently live in Langside with a 1 and a 3.5 year old (also hoping to add to our brood in the future) and absolutely LOVE where we live. Our preschooler goes to Langside Nursery which we think is great and we are very happy with the idea of Battlefield primary.

However, it seems like pretty much all of our peers are moving out to East Ren, or East Dunbartonshire before their wee ones start school to make sure they end up attending the super high achieving Williamwood or Bearsden Academy etc. We are really not keen on the idea of disrupting the kids half way through primary, so we are tearing our hair out trying to figure out if we should be doing the same before we have to apply for a school place in November.

We absolutely love Langside... we could technically afford to move into one of these 'great' catchment areas but it would be a significant sacrifice with regards to size of home and also our style of living (we are really not suburb people).

I know that Shawlands Academy is actually one of the best performing schools in the city, but that their results are no where near as good as the Williamwoods or Bearsden Academies etc. When we read about Shawlands we actual love lots about it, its ethos, extra curricular opportunities and its inclusivity. However, it would be great to hear from mums and dads who have kids there.

We are not obsessive over our kids school having crazy high results percentages per se, we just want to know that the school provides an adequate environment for able pupils to get top results. This isn't coming from a wanky place where we are assuming our children will be geniuses grin... but we were both complete nerds and straight A students so we are thinking chances are one of them will turn out the same!

Sorry for the ramble... we keep going round in circles and don't know what to do! Would be great to hear from any Shawlands parents.

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