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KEGS vs QE vs CRGS 11+

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Lenazayka Wed 13-Mar-19 17:06:33


I am interested to hear your opinion about KEGS, QE and CRGS.

We already have been at QE last summer ( open evening). Looks good, full of clever boys. Was not impressed with Head Teacher’s speech. Disciplines’s choice is very strict. Presume, the school has a top rank place because this is a London.Only a math & physic department and swimming pool impressed. A lot of clever and smart Asian, white in an absolute minority.

KEGS is less academi but still the top. We went there yesterday. The atmosphere is more relaxed. Were impressed how polite children and open minded Head Teacher. Children looks less serious, we saw a childhood in their eyes. Good proportion of nations. Possibly to sit GCSE earlier.

Unfortunately, we did not see CRGS: the open evening in June.

Please, if you had ( have) any experience, share with me.

Thanks smile

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Mustbetimeforachange Wed 13-Mar-19 20:02:29

The reason QE does well is because it is so selective in the first place. Nothing to do with being in London! Do you think children in London are cleverer than others?
I thought schools weren't doing early GCSEs any more as the universities don't like it? Happy to be proved wrong though.
Have you looked at local schools? A bright child should do just as well anywhere without uprooting the whole family adding extra pressure on the child to succeed.

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