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Secondary school admissions barnet -advice needed 2 round

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barnetparent Thu 07-Mar-19 11:29:13

Hope someone can help with this question

We been allocated a secondary school in the first round.
Our daughter fell short on entrance exams for a grammar school.
We received a letter from that school, suggesting we should consider putting it as a first choice in the second round.
This is because they will have a extra class ready for yr 7 intake.

My question is; If we put the grammar school in the second round, will we lose our first round allocation?
I've received various comments on this. Some parents said that we can accept the first round choice and still try for our preferred school in the second round, without risking the school we have already been allocated.
Can anyone tell be if this is correct please? I can't find info on this anywhere on school admissions.

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BananaDaiquiri Thu 07-Mar-19 13:01:54

I believe the council will offer you a place from the waiting list and you can choose to keep the allocated school and decline the grammar school, or accept the grammar school and rescind your allocated school. That's what normally happens, so you wouldn't risk your current school, unless there's something different about the next round of offers in Barnet.

I presume the school is St.M, I'm a bit surprised they can't just offer the extra 30 spaces now to the next girls in the ranking list. Did you apply to the school originally? Is the allocated school your first choice or are you on other waiting lists as well?

ZipityFlippity Thu 07-Mar-19 13:28:11

If you originally put the grammar school as higher preference on the Barnet application than the school that you have been offered, you will automatically be on the waiting list for the grammar school. You should accept the place you were offered, tick the box to say you want to stay on the waiting lists. If you are offered a place at the grammar you can then accept that and release the other place to someone else. Then that place will get offered in the third round to someone else.
My son got his fourth choice school a few years ago, then was offered his second choice in June. He went there but we were still on the waitlist for the first choice school until we decided to leave the waitlist.

barnetparent Thu 07-Mar-19 14:57:36

Thanks Banana
Yes its St M.
We didnt put it on the eadmissions list, as we were told she wasn'thigh enough in the entrance exam ranking.
We then receive a letter recommending us to consider it in 2nd Round.

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barnetparent Thu 07-Mar-19 14:59:50

Thanks zipity
We'll put the grammar top in round 2 and see what happens.

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FanDabbyFloozy Thu 07-Mar-19 17:35:58

This second round was introduced to give people like the PP a chance to put it down on the form. Typically the school doesn't go much further than 120s so many parents in the 140-180 ranking space didn't bother putting it on the CAF. Then the school got permission to expand so need to make the allocation of the new class places fair.
Good luck on this @barnetparent

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