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St Marylebone CE School for Girls - Waiting list

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OliveOil1974 Wed 06-Mar-19 14:20:38

Dear M-Netters,

now the eadmissions results are out and mostof us know where we stand, do any of you know (anecdotally or first hand) what the movement is for the waiting list of Marylebone? Our child is in Band A and not a million miles down the list, so we are just trying to ascertain how long the wait might be... I assume there is not a lot of movement, being an oversubscribed school.

Any scraps of info greatly appreciated.

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rightreckoner Wed 06-Mar-19 14:32:41

We got an offer within a month or so. We were 0.1km further than the next kid, it seems, judging by the info on WCC website. Didn’t take it as had already committed to another school.

OliveOil1974 Wed 06-Mar-19 15:21:11

Wow, thanks that is incredible. Do you mind me asking if you knew what number on the list you were?

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user149799568 Wed 06-Mar-19 15:27:41

We had a place at St Marylebone last year, which we declined on the first day. A week later, someone (I think from the school) called to ask us to accept or decline as the school was oversubscribed. My guess is that the school sees which students have accepted but not which have declined. Anyway, if I understand correctly, there won't be any movement until March 15 when there will be a second round of places assigned.

We declined because we accepted a place at an independent school. I know of several other local families who did the same last year. You might be surprised how much movement there can be. Good luck.

OliveOil1974 Wed 06-Mar-19 15:33:18

THanks so much @user149799568. That's heartening. We turned down two indie places for a number of reasons so I suppose it can work the other way too.

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rightreckoner Wed 06-Mar-19 16:53:37

I can't really remember but I think we must have been 1 or 2. DD was absolutely devastated not to get in - she fell in love with the school. But she had an indie option which was only supposed to be a fallback option but we were forced into it and took that up. By the time the offer came, I didn't want to confuse her all over again. It seems a great school to me so I do hope you get in.

We live about 0.65 m away so were pretty furious not to get in.

Zinnia Wed 06-Mar-19 17:33:04

@OliveOil1974 presume you've had the letter from the school telling you your daughter's band, how many spaces there were in that band for your type of entry, last distance offered etc? I wouldn't want to second guess it, but with such small numbers in each band I'd say you'd have to be in single figures on the list to stand much of a hope. Splitting the list by entry method/ band means there can be movement in others of course but just not yours.

BananaDaiquiri Wed 06-Mar-19 19:21:43

I presume it's an open place? They offered 14 places to Band A open places to a distance of 0.684 miles so I think you need high single figures for a realistic chance. But I would expect there to be some movement (just my guess, there's always movement in central London for one reason or another).

OliveOil1974 Wed 06-Mar-19 19:53:02

Yes - exactly @Zinnia. @BananaDaiquiri I think we don't stand a chance - we are in lowish double digits, band A, open place so I reckon it's a long shot...

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apron66 Thu 07-Mar-19 13:08:07

Band A moves a lot as families hedge their bets and then go independent or get grammar places (HBS, DAO, Latymer) and I know people who have had offers in July for this reason. It is so tricky to have to manage expectations and stay positive about your allocated school when your daughter knows what her preferences are. Good luck x

al1979 Thu 22-Aug-19 13:35:56

Hey OliveOil. What happened with your daughter in the end? We're about to start Year 6 and go on the whole rollercoaster. Live nearby but not nearby enough ...

JJLO33 Mon 29-Jun-20 22:01:09

Hey al

Can I ask how did you process go for you ? I’m applying this year and thinking to do the scholarship route

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