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Garth Hill College

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Ayeiye Wed 06-Mar-19 11:25:25

Hi All, new to the group but really looking for some insight, our daughter has been offered a place at Garth Hill in Bracknell and it would be lovely to get some feedback from parents whose children go theere and their views please......the school's ofsted and their results seem quite poor when compared to the rest of the Borough.....

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YogaDrone Wed 06-Mar-19 13:45:10

I have no direct experience Ayeiye but a colleague's three children all went there (only one is still there now) and he (and they) like it and he's pleased with the school. He says none of his children are particularly academic or they probably would have tried to get Ranlaegh.

He says that it had got into serious difficulties but that loads of money has been pumped into it in recent years and it's getting back on track, although it's still "Requires Improvement". He believes that lots of the contractor's money (from all the housing development in Warfield and Binfield) is being used by the school for new buildings and equipment.

Second hand knowledge but at least I'm bumping the thread!

Ayeiye Wed 06-Mar-19 14:10:57

Thank you YogaDrone! Just when I was giving up on the prospect of anyone responding to the thread smile
That is some very useful information, our Daughter though is quite academic and likes being challenged. Ranelagh being a faith school and over-subscribed, we didn't get a chance sadly.

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YogaDrone Wed 06-Mar-19 16:48:58

I'm sorry it's only second hand info Ayeiye. The other thing my colleague says is "at least it's not Easthampstead Park" shock

I think the good thing about an RI grading is that the school is kept on its toes; has regular inspections and often the council support it far more than if it had scraped a "Good" and then been forgotten about for several years.

Whilst its grades may not be the best in the borough at the moment I have a couple of friends who teach in outstanding secondaries in Bracknell area and both said they'd be happy to move to Garth if they were looking for a new post as it's moving up rather than down (as they feel their own schools are doing).

We're not in Bracknell BC so I have no direct experience I'm afraid.

I'm sure your daughter will do well at Garth flowers

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