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Male PE teacher entering girls changing rooms

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RoxanneMonke Wed 06-Mar-19 21:28:50

Nice one Penguins.

Penguinsandbears Wed 06-Mar-19 12:26:06

Got e-mail from safeguarding lead saying SLT are dealing with it now so that sounds promising. DD told me some more things last night but have told them everything now.

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Penguinsandbears Wed 06-Mar-19 11:42:29

Thanks very much. I have reported everything DD has told me in writing, just sent to form tutor but have had a reply back from Headmistress saying thanks very much for reporting and safeguarding team are taking action.

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RoxanneMonke Tue 05-Mar-19 22:28:40

Definitely not on. I would report in writing straight away to the safeguarding lead. They will take this seriously.

Penguinsandbears Tue 05-Mar-19 22:23:36

Thanks very much - it sounds very suspect to me too. At first when she just told me about their changing room I hoped it might just be innocent but the more I feel fairly certain he's dodgy.

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azulmariposa Tue 05-Mar-19 22:16:31

I would say the safeguarding lead.
Sounds very suspect to me.

Penguinsandbears Tue 05-Mar-19 22:13:45

He has just moved over from Australia - wouldn't have thought its a cultural thing though. I don't know what rules are but wouldn't have thought he should be in girls changing room at all.

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Penguinsandbears Tue 05-Mar-19 22:10:48

DD is at secondary in year 8. She told me last night that the new male PE teacher they've got - started this school year - is entering the girls changing room without warning when the girls are getting changed.

I asked if he knocked and she said no. She said its happened twice and the girls are waiting to see if it happens a third time before reporting. I said not to wait and she said she wanted to report it herself so today her and three other girls reported it. Then a girl in another class says he does the same to them and has seen some girls semi dressed and today she asked a year 7 who says he does it to them but this girl said she will not report. DD also said he's getting the girls to do lots of exercises where they are on all 4s putting one leg in the air and he's looking at their bottoms and making them do this exercise.

Today she was rather unsubtly saying in the lesson about reporting him and he came over to her and asked who she was going to report. She said she would prefer not to discuss it and said not him but fairly obvious it was. He then gave her 3 detentions but quickly cancelled them, she was arguing with him.

I have also now notified school but what are they likely to do? She wants to refuse to go to his lessons and I don't blame her. They are currently locking the door so he can't enter but its not ideal. She is going to approach a year 7 who she thinks will make a statement to say what's happening. I'm certain she is being honest. Who would you normally report this too - I just did form tutor and she's forwarded but is it normally safeguarding or Head of PE? Probably doesn't matter too much but just wondered. Thanks very much.

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