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St Peters Catholic vs Guildford County

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mcgu4 Tue 05-Mar-19 12:16:14

Could anyone with first hand knowledge of these schools help us with some insights ? We are interested in knowing about communication with parents, ethos, feel and especially quality of teaching on core subjects at both GSCE and A-lvls. St Peter's seems to get marginally higher results but a closer look at the core subjects shows they are really quite similar. We went to open afternoons though and we had the impression County was more pro-active, with a more open engaging approach. Many thanks in advance for your help

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suitcaseofdreams Wed 06-Mar-19 14:44:55

You may want to try mumsnet local and see if you get any responses there?
I’m local but mine are primary age so can’t comment with first hand knowledge I’m afraid

I’m sure you’ve checked, but would you actually get a place at both these two schools? To get into County you need to pretty much live on the doorstep and St Peter’s has named feeder schools and strict church criteria. You’re very lucky if you actually have a genuine choice between the two :-)

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