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What to do when five kids in class have no school!

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Enpot2007 Mon 04-Mar-19 19:21:31

My DS and four others in class have received no school from our London Authority. They are all in the same class.

Our one saving grace (if that is the right word) is that a new School is opening up in September - which was separate to the Cafcass form i.e applied directly to the school - has offered our boys places. The LA has said we should receive an email with a letter explaining why we all received no schools.

Is there anything we can do? In particular, is there a duty on the LA to provide us with a school or has it fulfilled its duty as we have been offered a school albeit not one that is featured on the Cafcass form.

Would the LA know that we had been offered places by the new school?

Thanking you in advance.

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Lougle Mon 04-Mar-19 19:25:22

You can still appeal for any school that you want to. Yes, the school opening in September counts as an offer, but that is irrelevant in terms of your appeal.

admission Mon 04-Mar-19 21:56:04

The LA is legally obliged to offer you a school and so the offer, assuming it arrives for the new school, would count as that legal requirement. What you do need to find out is why no offer was made. Everybody is assuming that it is because you are not high enough up the admission criteria order not to get any offers but that needs to be confirmed by the LA.

gt84 Mon 04-Mar-19 22:00:51

I had a similar experience in that we applied separately for a new school as well as applying through the LEA for other schools.
We then were offered places at both the new school and one local school and we were allowed to hold both places until the new school was confirmed for definite (at the time they were still sorting premises)
hopefully this is the same for you?

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Mon 04-Mar-19 22:01:13

What does CAFCASS have to do with this? confused

Lougle Mon 04-Mar-19 22:13:30

It's probably the CAF form and it's autocorrected to cafcass because of divorce threads.

Lougle Mon 04-Mar-19 22:15:00

Arrgh.... Reading that back - I was making a generalisation. I haven't been advanced searching anyone!! It's just an assumption based on Cafcass being to do with children's contact arrangements.

Enpot2007 Mon 04-Mar-19 22:26:12

Thanks everyone and yes it’s CAF form. I was writing an article on Cafcass at work, hence confusion. Sorry!

We were expecting two schools but just offered one. Temp building for new school is being built now and expected to be open for Sept.

Waiting to hear from council.

Thanks again for all your help smile

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