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Tassomai Maths

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Villanellesproudmum Mon 04-Mar-19 12:10:50

Afternoon, I’ve seen this mentioned for science but not Maths, is it worth doing.

Any pros or cons or other recommendations.

Thank you in advance

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LimitIsUp Mon 04-Mar-19 12:12:09

I think it is fairly newly available for maths which is probably why not many people have experience of it. I saw it too and wondered whether to subscribe - watching this with interest

LimitIsUp Mon 04-Mar-19 12:12:32

I also noticed that they are now offering french

Villanellesproudmum Mon 04-Mar-19 12:19:00

I also missed the French, my daughter could do with using all options.. hopefully someone will come along and help us out, I’ve messaged the company asking for examples of the program. Will let you know if they respond.

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LimitIsUp Mon 04-Mar-19 16:24:01

Thank you smile

LimitIsUp Tue 05-Mar-19 11:09:27

Villanelle, I have bitten the bullet and subscribed for one month for maths (ds has Year 10 exams which the school are calling 'mocks' at the end of March) - it should facilitate ds's revision. Its a none board specific package. I will let you know what he thinks when he starts using it. Its quite pricey at £30 per month. However good (or otherwise) it is, I will discontinue it after his end of March exams with a plan to rejoin in Year 11

Villanellesproudmum Tue 05-Mar-19 11:43:37

Thank you limit, they came back to me this morning and said they don’t have any examples but have said if you sign up for a month and unhappy they will refund the cost so I think I’m going to do the same. Dd also have two weeks of assessments in April.

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Buttercup82 Sun 07-Apr-19 11:04:27

My daughter is also in year 10. She has just done her 'mocks' and was devastated with the results. She got a 4 (target is an 8). She is already signed up to the science and we have just signed her up to the maths. Hopefully this will help give her a confidence boost x x

crazycrofter Sun 07-Apr-19 15:29:29

Hi Buttercup, please would you update on how it goes ? My dd also year 10 is struggling with Maths a bit.

Buttercup82 Sun 07-Apr-19 18:34:01

Of course she's liking it up to now but I'll let you know how it goes x x

ittakes2 Mon 15-Apr-19 06:52:03

I started my year 7 twins on this for all subjects. I'm not convinced about the maths - but on the upside they don't seem to mind doing it. Its 40 questions a day.

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