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Mums of Tiffin Girls 2019

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Dipi1911 Sun 03-Mar-19 11:26:53

Hi Mums,
Those of you with DDs starting this September. Congratulations on the offer!
Should we have a coffee/play date soon?

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Niksy2015 Sun 03-Mar-19 16:11:36

Hi Dipi - Sounds like a good idea. Which area are you in?

baselgal Mon 04-Mar-19 15:27:59

Love to meet up! Many congratulations, all! I'm in Strawberry Hill. A Kingston town centre meet up would work well.

marietakitanski Mon 04-Mar-19 18:41:50

hello everyone and congratulations on the offers! We are based in Southfields SW18. Would bee happy to meet up for coffee at a place convenient for all.

Dipi1911 Mon 04-Mar-19 22:19:34

Hi All,
We stay right outside the Tiffins gate and would love to meet you all up! Are any of you contemplating signing up for the wine and cheese event at a Tiffins next week?
Also, who is game for a play date( weather permitting) at Kew Gardens/Richmond park on one of the Sunday’s?

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Dipi1911 Mon 04-Mar-19 22:20:34

Sorry Nadia, Kingston town centre is very convenient as well.
Any proposed dates or times?

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baselgal Wed 06-Mar-19 18:46:53

I think a play date is a great idea. For mums and girls! Should we watch the weather and plan something for late morning Sunday 24 March? Happy to wait until after the April break, too. Perhaps nicer weather!

thuff Mon 11-Mar-19 17:02:15

hi, new to Mumsnet (and I'm a dad!). My DD has been offered a place at Tiffin Girls. We missed the only open day last year, so we're flying blind at the moment... Such a good school on paper, but I'm wondering if others can share any insights to the 'soul' of the school. Frankly, I'm most eager to understand what they do beyond academics, to be sure it's not just a maths and science factory. Any views?

Dipi1911 Mon 11-Mar-19 20:17:38

@Basegirl: Let’s do 24th March. If the weather does not permit, we can do 31st March.
@thuff: I would recommend you speak to some older girls from Tiffin!
We have met a few girls who will join in 2019. They all seem to be nice polite and average 10/11 year olds who are willing to work hard when need be.

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baselgal Tue 26-Mar-19 11:09:13

@Dipi1911: I'm so sorry I didn't see your message! How do I get Mumsnet to notify me??

@thuff: We,too, missed the open day last year. I met recently with a Year 8 student. . . .very normal, nice girl. . . loves the school. I was reassured!

Lincoln19 Tue 26-Mar-19 21:39:06

We are also hoping that our daughter gets the chance to enjoy a broad education at Tiffin. She’s sporty, loves art and baking and is looking forward to making plenty of new friends. The academic side of school is important but so is being happy. We attended the open day but don’t know anyone else at the school who could tell us what it’s like for students.

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