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Birmingham Hands worth grammar school 3019 cut off mark

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MiddleoftheRoad Sun 03-Mar-19 08:04:05

It's 219 (though not confirmed by the school and some on 219 who live further away have not been offered yet).

If you go to to
you will find plenty of discussion on this on the Birmingham forum.

Check with Birmingham LA tomorrow to find out more. You will be on the waiting list if the school was on your CAF. Make sure you accept the comprehensive place offered.

On 210 it is hard to say whether or not your son will get a place yet, but do visit the forum as there are lots of people who can advise and other posters in the same position.

Good luck.

Heartandlung11 Sun 03-Mar-19 00:11:26

Does any one know the lowest score for 2019 hands worth grammar school for uear7 entry as of march 1st my son 210 hasmt offfered a place.

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