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Private secondary schools

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OKBobble Sun 03-Mar-19 17:23:50

When my son's school went co-ed there was a gradual build up over about 8 years to get it to roughly 50/50. Some girls' parents did not want their daughters to be the first year of girls with no older firls, no established sports teams and fixtures etc but once the first cohort had passed through 6th Form it was pretty much 50/50. It will depend what other provision is available locally. Ours had 2 good girls schools at the time but one of those has gone coed now and now parents of boys are facing the same decision but we have no single sex boys schools nearby.

School2010 Sat 02-Mar-19 22:06:56

When eltham college go co Ed in 2020 will this mean less boys are likely to be accepted for 2022 and the intakes after? Just wandering as was thinking of that school as option but thinking they may want to accept more girls than boys to make it an even co Ed school? Will boys be at a disadvantage?

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