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Recommendations for German textbooks and dictionaries GCSE and A level

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justforthisnewname Sat 02-Mar-19 10:41:27

Hi. My daughter is being taught Geman via DIY booklets created by her teacher - lists of vocabularly sometimes with no english translations. Google translate takes you only so far - can anyone please suggest a good German/English dictionary she can buy - there are several on the market?

Also is there any text book someone can recommend that will help with grammer? Thanks very much.

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tadjennyp Sat 02-Mar-19 11:02:00

The Collins school range are good. I would always buy a bigger dictionary, like concise. You can download Reverso onto your phone and that works well. The revision guides are pretty good as well. Make sure you get the right exam board.

mimbleandlittlemy Sat 02-Mar-19 13:29:13

My ds did GCSE German last year, is now doing A level and intends to study it at university. He had the AQA revision guides and books and they are very good but worth checking what board your dd will be doing. He finds Google translate takes him more than far enough but does have a rather falling apart Collins as tad recommends. I wouldn't worry about A level until she is actually doing A level to be honest.

clary Sat 02-Mar-19 17:49:26

Collins, the bigger the better. I have a gorgeous one I found for £5 in a charity shop) should have been £25) but I was an MFL teacher. The key with the dictionary is to use it intelligently.

Freemind Sat 02-Mar-19 18:28:03

Find out which of the exam boards she is studying for. You also need to know whether your child will be doing Foundation or Higher Tier.

There are vocabulary booklets, grammar workbooks and textbooks which cover the various boards' syllabuses ( although you might have to buy them if the school does not provide them to you). They can be helpful for private study and the vocabulary lists usually provide translations appropriate to the syllabus (so can avoid some of the problems of just using a dictionary).

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