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GCSE English Literature in Yr10

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DobbinsVeil Sat 02-Mar-19 10:26:18

Is it really beneficial for pupils to sit English Literature in Yr10?

DS1 & 2 are at different schools but they have the same policy. DS1 (yr 8) has ASD, EHCP etc but English Literature is his absolute worst subject. He's not actually being taught in mainstream for it yet (ASD provision based) but from Yr9 he'll be put in mainstream regardless and they start the GCSE curriculum.

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IHeartKingThistle Sat 02-Mar-19 10:36:49

The English Language results matter more to the school unfortunately. I'm an English teacher and I wouldn't be happy with this.

TeenTimesTwo Sat 02-Mar-19 10:48:44

With my particular child, I wouldn't be happy with this, as I think she will need the extra year's maturity to help her do well.

On the other hand, I guess the argument is spend y10 on Lit, take it and get it out of the way. Then y11 can be focussed on the language GCSE and there will be 2 fewer exams in the summer to be revised for and taken.

DobbinsVeil Sat 02-Mar-19 11:07:25

Part of the problem is failing means resitting it in Yr11, and tbh he's unlikely to pass either no matter how many resits. I'm hoping he will pass a couple of GCSEs, but my fear is bad experience in Yr10 will mean he just refuses to try any in Yr11.

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Soursprout Sat 02-Mar-19 11:19:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Soursprout Sat 02-Mar-19 11:29:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DobbinsVeil Sat 02-Mar-19 12:16:08

I'm fairly certain resits happen in Yr11 at DS1's school, as we had the options meeting this week and I'm sure that was said. I will check if I can at least get him exempted from a resit. Is the case at DS2's school. I'm not so concerned about him, it's a weak subject for him too but he is likely to get a pass unlike DS1.

For both schools all pupils take in Yr10, as they split the curriculum.

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