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How many appeals?

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Faultymain5 Fri 01-Mar-19 21:50:03

My DD didn't get into her 6 choices. They've sent her to a school that is 2.5 miles away when there are three schools under 2 miles in our locale, 2 of which were on our list. We are hoping for a waiting list move, but also intend to appeal. If we lose an appeal for one school, can we appeal to any others?

Also what can our appeal be based upon? I am especially against the fact they've put my DD in a Church school. I would never want to send my child to one, which is why it wasn't down as a choice.

On top of that my DD has a memory issue that her primary does not currently recognise and this school appears to have no pastoral or notable SENCO services.

Any thoughts much appreciated.

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EduCated Fri 01-Mar-19 23:28:28

My limited advice is to remember that you are appealing for the school(s) you want, not against the one you don’t want. Not wanting a church school won’t carry weight. You need to show what the desired school has that means your DD would specifically benefit, e.g. they offer a language that she is learning and other schools don’t, they have clubs for sports she’s shown an aptitude at etc.

prh47bridge Fri 01-Mar-19 23:36:55

You can appeal for as many schools as you want. However, you should appeal for them all now. If you only appeal for one school and then try another if that fails, your second appeal will be late which will reduce your chances of success.

You must appeal for the schools you want, not against the one you don't want. As EduCated says, not wanting a church school won't carry any weight (and I would recommend taking a look at the school - some church schools are less religious than some non-faith schools).

I would also agree with EduCated about what you are looking for. To win your appeal you need to show that the disadvantage to your daughter from not attending the appeal school outweighs any problems they will have coping with an additional pupil.

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