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In year transfer appeal

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Cobee Fri 01-Mar-19 16:59:38

Posting for advice for a friend.

Friends SD has recently moved in full time and permanently with friend and her husband (the dad). This was a necessary move due to maternal substance abuse and mental health concerns, no social worker involved.

SD is 11 and in year 7 in a neighbouring city (where her mum lives) so friend and her husband applied for SD to attend one of 2 local schools - one she has lots of friends at and can get to easily and another that’s a little further away but friends DD already attends and her DS goes to a nearby primary, so would be perfect for logistics. She also applied to a Foundation school (so has it’s own admissions powers) and is on the WL there.

They weren’t given a place at either of the LA schools as no room and were allocated a place in the opposite direction to the other DC’s schools and not in walking distance or on public transport route. But as it’s less than 3 miles (2.8 to be exact!) they won’t pay for transport.

They have their appeal next week for both of the schools they originally applied for. Is there anyone who can give some helpful information or advice to help them succeed? (They’re in Wales by the way).

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prh47bridge Fri 01-Mar-19 23:22:21

The system in Wales is a little different from England. However, the way you win an appeal is essentially the same. They have to show that the disadvantage to the child of not attending this school outweighs any problems the school will face from having to cope with an additional pupil. As the allocated school is less than 3 miles away it is regarded as being within walking distance of home. Unless the child has mobility issues, they won't win an appeal on the basis of distance or transport difficulties. They need to figure out what this school offers that is missing from the allocated school and is particularly relevant to the child. That may be subjects the school offers or it could be extra-curricular activities. They also need to figure out what questions they can ask to undermine the school's case to refuse entry. They should have the case before the hearing. If you tell us what it says you will get some guidance on how to attack it.

Cobee Fri 01-Mar-19 23:36:56

Thanks prh. I’ll check tomorrow what they have and come back to this thread.

Would highlighting the emotional well-being of the child work? She’s been through an awful time and needs stability and her family believe either of these schools would provide that - one because she’ll have her step sibling there and the pastoral care there is amazing, and the other school because she has a lot of friends there so would feel settled easier. Would this be taken into account in appeal?

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prh47bridge Sat 02-Mar-19 00:07:01

If you can show that she has particular needs which the appeal school can meet then yes, it will carry some weight. However, it is likely to be regarded as a relatively weak argument unless it is backed up with professional evidence (e.g. a doctor's letter).

Cobee Sat 02-Mar-19 15:51:14

prh I have pictures of what the council has sent for the appeal. Can I send these to you? Or is there any specific info that may be of use? Thanks.

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