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Has anyone applied for Swan School in Oxford?

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Abc123def Fri 01-Mar-19 10:43:25

Just received an email saying my dc has been reserved a place. I’m in a real quandary now.

Can anyone tell me whether sending your dc to a brand new school (albeit with an outstanding school’s backing) is a good idea?

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Abc123def Fri 01-Mar-19 11:01:23

Bump anyone!

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HPFA Fri 01-Mar-19 12:51:21

I guess it depends on the school but this one looks like a reasonable bet. Cherwell School won't want to damage its reputation and will probably ensure it is of a reasonable standard. Has a good catchment area too. Plus something quite nice for the Year 7s having everything in the school devoted to them for a year.

I wouldn't choose a new school which was espousing some wacky theories or was run by ideologues but this one looks OK.

What are your choices if you decline the place?

Abc123def Fri 01-Mar-19 14:06:52

We’ve accepted Cheney too, which I’m getting mixed reviews for from parents. The one thing they are all agreeing on is that the teachers aren’t engaging and motivating and pushing students to better themselves.

DC obviously wants to go to Cheney as all their friends are there but I need to think about the education aswell as the social side. I agree, that Cherwell wouldn’t want to lose their reputation with this, as they’re the ones who bid for the new school.

Have a tough decision to make.

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HPFA Sat 02-Mar-19 10:02:24

Cheney's results are pretty poor at the moment. In your position I think I'd take a punt on the new school unless your daughter is really totally against it.

HPFA Sat 02-Mar-19 10:04:33

Oops, didn't notice you didn't give gender.

crosspelican Fri 26-Apr-19 12:40:53

I would love to send mine to the Swan School. We're just on the very outside edge of their catchment, and might be moving though, so I'm not sure we'll make it. In fact, if we move, we'd be in catchment for the Cheney, which is the only thing making me hesitate about the potential move! I just started another thread about this.

I would definitely definitely definitely take the Swan over the Cheney. I know some people who are taking up posts there and they are amazing, motivated and passionate teachers.

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