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Secondary Appeal - transport question

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BluePurse Thu 28-Feb-19 10:48:19

I thought I’d get my question in early as I’m pretty sure we will end up going to appeal. I’ve read through all previous threads which have given such fantastic advice. I know that I’m appealing for a school (rather than against the one we will be allocated) and the types of things I need to include. But I’m wondering how much I should talk about transport?

School 1 is the school we want - there are several public bus routes going there plus a school bus
School 2 is the one we will mostly likely be allocated - there is no bus route so as it’s more than 3 miles I think they will have to provide transport

So I’m thinking that my appeal will state all the benefits of having readily available transport to school 1. Which also means that dd can attend after school clubs as she will still be able to get home via public bus afterwards.

is there anything else related I could include?

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typoqueen Thu 28-Feb-19 12:24:00

i would first check with your local authority as not all provide free transport no matter the distance, if they do it is usually only to the nearest school if it it over 3 miles walking distance, also im not too sure on this only going by my experience and in my area you only get free school transport if you are NOT allocated any of your school choices and are allocated a different school that is over 3 miles away (2 in my case as it was primary) at appeal the panel were not interested in the slightest about transport and we were basically told its down to you (as parents) to get them to school!!..

catndogslife Thu 28-Feb-19 14:46:22

I think it depends on the LEA whether they will provide transport or not.
If school 2 genuinely is the only school closest to you that has spaces available then it's possible that you are correct.
But if there is another school X that also has space closer to you and you haven't listed it on the form then they probably won't.

prh47bridge Thu 28-Feb-19 14:56:17

If the school is over 3 miles away by the shortest safe walking distance and is the nearest school with a place available the LA must provide free transport. However, that may simply be a free bus pass. You will need to check exactly what form the free transport will take.

I'm afraid that talking about the benefits of readily available transport to school 1 is unlikely to win your appeal. Unless the journey to the allocated school is more than 75 minutes each way the appeal panel is unlikely to take transport issues into account. However, the after school clubs are a more promising approach. If you can show that they are particularly relevant to your child and aren't available at the allocated school (or aren't practical at the allocated school due to transport issues) you may be able to build a case around them.

BluePurse Thu 28-Feb-19 15:08:16

Perfect, thanks so much for those responses, really helpful.

School 2 is our nearest school so we should get free transport. I guess the argument will be whether It’s feasible on the bus!

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BubblesBuddy Thu 28-Feb-19 15:09:03

As you know, OP, it’s the school youbshould keep at the front of your thinking. Not transport. Most schools have transport available and probably your allocated one does so that’s not a reason to want your preferred school.

Do look at the clubs and activities and see if they match DCs interests over and above the allocated school. If they are identical it’s not necessarily worth mentioning them at length. I’m sure you have read great advice about other aspects for a successful appeal but, in a nutshell, you are trying to prove DC would be better placed in your preferred school. Write down why this is the case. Back it up with facts. So: DC plays the clarinet. Your preferred school has a wind band. That sort of thing.

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