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National Offer Day Waiting Room

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crisscrosscranky Thu 28-Feb-19 07:01:35

Anyone else itching for tonight/tomorrow?

Were in Essex and DD passed 11+ in catchment for two grammars so we know it's option one or two but I'm still desperate to know- DD has her heart set on our first choice.

Her friendship group (and my mum friendship group!) have applied for four different schools as first choice so we're not worried about being with friends etc.

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FriendOrFaux Thu 28-Feb-19 07:08:36

Yes, another anxious mummy here.
Our first choice is one that used to be fee paying but its seriously oversubscribed so it's anyone's guess if we're successful.
Second and third are just ordinary boys schools.
Our application was online and apparently we can check at midnight tonight.

Very, very nervous!

AuntieStella Thu 28-Feb-19 07:10:33

There's already more than one AIBU thread on this, the more active one is

(pity the topics are less used, but perhaps this thread will buck the disappointing trend)

crisscrosscranky Thu 28-Feb-19 07:12:18

Thanks @AuntieStella - I'm avoiding AIBU at the moment for other reasons!

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Rockbird Thu 28-Feb-19 07:13:21

Yes me. I'm fairly certain of our first choice and our second choice is also an amazing school but DD1 desperately wants the first one.

Mog37 Thu 28-Feb-19 10:25:45

I am really nervous and today is my day off work so distracting myself with the laundry is not really doing it for me.

The thing I feel bad about is how anxious this is making DD. She is in love with her first choice and really unenthusiastic about her second choice. We're semi-rural so we didn't have massive amounts of choice because of transport arrangements...

Gizlotsmum Thu 28-Feb-19 10:37:16

Me too. Happy with either of our first 2 choices, second guessing if we put the right one as first choice

Ariana30 Thu 28-Feb-19 12:32:41

This week has been the longest week in existence, how is it not Friday yet!?! Can you tell how anxious I am?!?

Dothehappydance Thu 28-Feb-19 12:51:39

I am really nervous too and ours is pretty much a given, be happier once it is confirmed.

Gazelda Thu 28-Feb-19 12:52:36

A combination of bulge year, scarce places and selection schools here makes it little more than a lottery.
I suspect we'll get our 4th choice, which we only put on because we didn't want to be left without any place at all. The 4th choice really won't suit DD at all.
We've been quite pragmatic with DD all along, so she's not got her hopes up that she'll be offered another of the other 3 choices.

crisscrosscranky Thu 28-Feb-19 13:01:01

Wheats everyone doing to distract themselves? I'm at work today so this morning has whizzed by by I suspect this afternoon/evening will drag a bit!

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Gizlotsmum Thu 28-Feb-19 13:12:43

Work and then kids have dance lessons. Oh and provisionally booked a holiday for Feb half term

Holidayshopping Thu 28-Feb-19 13:19:24

Snap-we are in the same situation! Is it midnight we can find out? Are you hoping for SH or WH?

MRSMYM Thu 28-Feb-19 13:20:56

For nonsuh and tiffin do we receive letter tomorrow and if it’s online can we check it tonight and where to check the results ???

crisscrosscranky Thu 28-Feb-19 13:31:40

@Holidayshopping WH although SH is our number 2 and I'd be very happy although DD would not!

I'm not sure on time but I will be up at midnight just in case!

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MrsWombat Thu 28-Feb-19 13:35:54

Poking my head in. DS should get into the local grammar school, unless something has seriously gone wrong, but it's still nerve wracking!

KeepingTheWormsQuiet Thu 28-Feb-19 14:04:22

LMRSMYM - London allocations come out at 5pm on the 1st. The emails can take hours to arrive so it's best to login. You login on the same website and account you made the online application on.

I have no idea about paper applications and those are the only people to get a letter from the Council Most people apply online these days. You'll later get a letter from the school you get.

We are also hoping for Nonsuch (with Wallington Girls as second choice and Tiffin Girls third). DD got a score of 330 for Nonsuch/Wallington. We're out of catchment. We are pretty confident about Nonsuch, but it will be nice to have it confirmed.

It was much worse when we were waiting for my sons' allocations, because the Sutton grammars won't tell you their scores and we had no idea where they were in the rankings.

MeMeMeYou Thu 28-Feb-19 18:57:59

Wow Keepingthewormsquiet that’s an awesome score! My daughter is waiting for Nonsuch, tiffin girls and then our local secondary girls sch. Don’t think she’ll have got tiffin. Scored 290 nonsuch and we are just IC according to their map at open evening and my measurement but paranoid in case I got it wrong or they dispute it!

babyseven76 Thu 28-Feb-19 20:00:13

Wowww I thought it was just me feeling nervous shock tbh I've been feeling nervous since I'd submitted the form. Not sure if I'll get the email at midnight or jus before 5pm but hoping for 1st choice at a Catholic girls school 🙏🤞

Dothehappydance Thu 28-Feb-19 20:16:19

I've realised what I am nervous for. A number of his friends have put it as 1st choice so I am hoping they get in as well as they are applying out of area. (We moved last year but kept him at the school)

TidaQuel Thu 28-Feb-19 20:32:44

Feeling despondent as we are unlikely to get any of our choices and will no doubt default to our requires improvement catchment. Recently named as one of the worst in he uk. We’ve remained positive and ds is fine with whichever school he gets. just not sure I can cope with the gloating and terrible parent comments that certain so called friend will be bombarding us with because we didn’t follow their lead and remortgage ourselves way beyond our means, beg, steal and borrow like they’ve done.

crisscrosscranky Thu 28-Feb-19 20:38:36

3.5 hours to go- we can log on at midnight here.

I've got a list of things to do between 9.30 (my usual bedtime 🤣) and midnight to pass the time- have a bath, clean the house, binge watch something on Netflix... 🙈

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MrsKCastle Thu 28-Feb-19 20:51:26

Waiting here. I may have already logged in to check the online system this evening. Surprisingly enough, no offer yet grin.

My DD is desperate to get into our first choice, but it's popular and we're out of catchment. 2nd choice is out catchment school, which would be ok, but DD would be disappointed and I'm not sure if any of her close friends will be going there.

DD is also very likely to have a diagnosis of coeliac confirmed in the next week or so... Not the end of the world, but quite a big upheaval for her and she's quite anxious about it. If she also has to come to terms with not getting her first choice school, I think we may be in for an emotional few weeks.

BarbarianMum Thu 28-Feb-19 21:53:25

Oh MrsCastle Ive just been talking myself out of doing the same (you know, just in case theyve sent the emails out a day early by mistake). grin

admissionlady Thu 28-Feb-19 22:04:57

Admission lady here.
Our offers are available to log on and view from midnight.
Emails start to go out from 5am. Bear in mind the amount of email traffic being sent out as parents are getting offers. Some email providers will reject them and the system keeps pushing them out.
If you can log on and view it thats the best thing to do. Some emails won't arrive til later tomorrow.
Good luck everyone 😊

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