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Poole Secondary Schools

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MumofTwins2 Mon 25-Feb-19 11:57:15

We are moving from London to Poole this year, I've started my research on secondary schools and the only 2 schools with space are Carter Community School and St Aldhelms Academy (which is closer to the property). I've read that St Aldhelms was once very bad, can anyone let me know how it is now, do you know any children who attend?
Our closest school will be Poole High but its currently full.
Thank you in advance

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MumofTwins2 Mon 25-Feb-19 14:55:50

I have also found out that Broadstone Middle School has space, which feeds to Corfe Hill School. Any feedback on this would also be appreciated.
Thank you

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Punxsutawney Mon 25-Feb-19 15:13:32

I am reasonably local to the area but don't live in Poole. You are right St Aldhelms once had an awful reputation in one of its previous names. It has definitely improved but I don't know a huge amount about it.

Carter is part of the large academy chain United learning. I think it has reasonable results. The Broadstone schools used to have very good reputations but I have noticed recently a few comments in our local paper about how they have gone down hill. Magna is another school in Poole that has just got an outstanding Ofsted but it is a little controversial locally.

Bournemouth and Poole are grammar school areas so most of our schools are secondary modern if they are not grammar. Although I think Corfe Hills is considered more of a comprehensive because of the area it is in.

Not sure if any of that has been hugely helpful, I don't think any of the schools would be a bad choice but I know more about the schools in Bournemouth than Poole. Hopefully another poster might be able to help a little more.

SwimmingJustKeepSwimming Mon 25-Feb-19 16:19:28

I wouldn't choose either of those 2 if there was a choice. It might be tempting to start at broadstone with a view to Poole High when a space comes up, or a move to Corfe Hills if not. Poole is big though so hopefully it might...

Poole has very polarized secondary schools, so it will depend a little on what you are looking for. Both those 2 schools serve their immediate community and may not be what you're looking for moving from London but I may be wrong - as always its good to visit and get a feel for these places.

Poole High is good but huge and some find overwhelming, it sets by ability, has a lot of clubs and caters for most interests and abilities. Magna is also very popular as it gets good results but is known as one of the strictest schools in England so a bit of a marmite school. Oversubscribed too but people move! St Edwards is the C of E one and a good all rounder and may be worth joining all the lists.

Are you aware of the grammar schools too? They take in year applications after a test and may be worth going to Broadstone and on the grammar waiting list if your child is v academic.

Goodluck. We moved from London to Poole and love it smile

SwimmingJustKeepSwimming Mon 25-Feb-19 16:21:16

Ooh didnt see the other post!

Lytchet is also a very good school and possibly my first choice if I was central poole. They might come under a different group of schools as East Dorset rather than the Gramnar system but I dont know.

Would be worth going on their waiting list though.

MumofTwins2 Mon 25-Feb-19 16:43:59

Thank you so much for this information, I'm finding it quite stressful trying to decide what is best. We are visiting Poole again soon and will view the schools. We were in Poole last weekend and fell in love, and found a house, now just need to find a school!

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MumofTwins2 Mon 25-Feb-19 16:45:13

Thank you for replying, we will visit schools very soon to get a feel for them and hope we can decide!!

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Punxsutawney Mon 25-Feb-19 16:58:50

Good luck with your visits, hope you find a school that you like.

SwimmingJustKeepSwimming Mon 25-Feb-19 18:08:32

Goodluck with the move. Do pm if theres anything else you'd like local knowledge about!

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