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John Lyon, Aldenham school

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Parentinquest Thu 21-Feb-19 09:15:40

Hi all... can I have some views on John Lyon and Aldenham School. My Ds has been offered place in year7 and we are still awaiting grammar school results. Very curious to hear from parents whose children go to any of the above schools. Want to understand the good or not so good views pls to help us decide.

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Believability Thu 21-Feb-19 09:32:04

Well Aldenham is co-Ed and John Lyon is boys so first question is whether you have a preference for either. If you do then that’s pretty much decision made. John Lyon is almost completely Asian and Aldenham is much more mixed - black, Chinese, Asian, Jewish, Eastern European and everything in between so again, is this an issue.

Aldenham extremely strong on sports, does that interest you or not?

Finally which is easiest to get to. Aldenham does a very long day 3 days a week and finishes at 5.30. If you love near JL your son might not be home until 6.30, is that a problem?

Aldenham is more expensive plus not accessible on public transport so there may be coach fees. JL they can use their oyster zip for free bus or reduced tube fees

If none of these are factors then go with your gut

Parentinquest Thu 21-Feb-19 09:45:55

Thanks believability. I should have stated our son is academically inclined although do enjoy and participate in sports. So a good mix with slight more orientation on academics will be good for him. He needs push and motivation which I think will help him develop. We try to do that at home but as kids spend a good amount of time in school and a good amount of influence from there so anxious to know.

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refusetogiveup Tue 26-Mar-19 14:10:41

Hi I have to say that parents have very different views on John Lyon, some hate it and some love it. I guess you have to make your decision based on your child's character. John Lyon would help your son, support him and inspire him, but only if your son is willing to work. On the other hand, they are very patient with those, who do not want to work, but to a certain point, of course. In two words, this is not an academic hot house. However, a hard working child can thrive and achieve top grades,he will be given the support and encouragement needed. If your son is not a high flyer, he will not be made to feel second best, but would be encouraged and supported to stretch his abilities further. And there is a room for the school's patience unlike other top schools who can ruthlessly show your son a door if he is not what they had expected. In addition, John Lyon has strong music, drama and art departments. Interesting extra curricular activities, trips and also community involvement (voluntary). As for sport, unless your child is very sporty (then he is chosen to participate in competitions), the sport lessons are average. However, there is a swimming pool and boys can swim all year around after school for a fee. Otherwise, they swim only one term a year during the school year. Overall, parents who left think that the school is not academically strong enough thus their son did not achieve what they were hoping for. Parents of the children who stayed think that the school supported their children perfectly well and thus their children achieve top grades. Therefore, the difference is in attitude and expectations, I guess. On a plus side the Head is very approachable and willing to help.

Parentinquest Mon 20-May-19 08:17:08

Thank you for detail and balanced view points. Helpful

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Aid2013 Tue 11-Jun-19 13:50:43

Thank you ladies made our decision easy .i have son in year 6 &7
I've heard good things about both schools
I am going to see jl this monday and mt as well.
I am keen on jl hubby on mt its upto boys and obviously on the 13+ result.
All the best

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