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Has anybody else's Dc done the GCHQ cyber discovery thing?

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N0rdicStar Wed 20-Feb-19 12:39:14

My ds year 10 is spending quite a few hours on it. Will it be worth getting through to the final stage and help re uni applications?

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spongedog Wed 20-Feb-19 12:44:09

Interested to hear responses. Looking into this for my DC next year.

N0rdicStar Wed 20-Feb-19 12:56:03

My ds wants to get it done before year11 so it doesn’t impact on revision. Think they can have a break and pick it up later but then it will be A levels. He is 40% through the second bit which needs to be finished by March sometime. Then he’ll be through to the last stage. Having to teach himself Python and Lynyx? which is what is taking him so long. Think you have up to year 13 to finish it. He is 15.That is all I know.

Just want to make sure it’s a good use of time.😬

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sollyfromsurrey Wed 20-Feb-19 13:45:40

I doubt it will have any impact on uni applications. Seriously, faculties have one thing they are looking for. Grades and a genuine interest in the subject. So unless your dc is looking to apply to study cyber security, I can't see any uni's being in the slightest interested.

N0rdicStar Wed 20-Feb-19 13:55:46

Yes he would be, computer science degree/coding.

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N0rdicStar Wed 20-Feb-19 13:57:22

Although there don’t seem to be many Computet Science degrees with a security specialism. Haven’t done a thorough search though yet,bit early.

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