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SPGS or G&L - advice please!

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Zahra76 Wed 20-Feb-19 12:02:17

Could I ask anyone with experience of either of these schools for the perceived differences please? Is SPGS a lot more pushy? Both schools are a similar size, similar area and similar GCSE results making it difficult to choose between them.

Also, my neighbour is in the ridiculous position of having twins - one offered SPGS (not G&L) and one G&L (not SPGS) and neither are on the waiting lists for the other school! Are both schools similar in ethos, or should she just send both to PHS, even though it’s less convenient?


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AbstractNoun Wed 20-Feb-19 16:14:35

Both are excellent schools. 10 minutes walk away from each other. Many of the G&L girls have friends at SPGS (and Latymer Upper for that matter). Historically, SPGS has been thought more pressured... they are always top of every league table... not sure that's particularly true now.
SPGS play lacrosse, G&L hockey! Though netball at both.

ZebraZigZag Wed 20-Feb-19 16:52:12

SPGS is (even) more academic in its environment and nature. Tends to pick sparky, dedicated girls who will have quite academic discussions and want to debate. It is liberal (no uniform, relaxed). Very prestigious to have a place, which comes with pressure in a way, and not right for everyone.
G&L is a little more rounded, but still very academic, and gets great results. More traditional in that it has uniform and is less fussy, less pressure to be a certain type perhaps. Parents dream of and fight for places at SPGS for their DDs - it is seem as a huge honour. G&L is hugely popular and oversubscribed and desired too... but more in the fact it is a very good girls school rather than very prestigious.
They are very similar and I'm struggling here despite knowing both very well! I guess it could be described as like St Paul's Boys Vs. Kings College Wimbledon.

AbstractNoun Wed 20-Feb-19 17:12:01

This year, plenty of girls getting places at SPGS but not, for example, G&L or WHS. New exams...

HerdingPigs Wed 20-Feb-19 18:06:50

Both are really good schools for the right type of girls. I know a few DDs from both schools - they are all rounded and very academic (some of them very sporty and musical as well), and happy!

Are the two DDs quite similar or different? Also, do they want to go to the same school or do they want to have a break from each othergrin?

Zahra76 Wed 20-Feb-19 18:56:39

Thankyou for the replies. I feel as if we’re veering more towards G&L for DD and Im not sure exactly why. She says she feels it’s a bit more friendly and normal. She didn’t really feel comfortable on the interview at SPGS which may be something to do with it - she said it was quite serious and formal, where no other school was like that. But obviously that could have just been down to one particular teacher.

As for the twins, there’s nothing between them academically really. One plays the violin, one the piano, but I wouldn’t say they had drastically different personalities. Hard two believe that 2 schools would both interview twins and take one each. I think they may end up going to PHS because the mum has had enough!

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rightreckoner Wed 20-Feb-19 19:01:34

Friend with a DD at SPGS has been surprised at a) the social strata of the girls who are largely more overtly privileged than she was expecting and b) the very small groups they are taught in.

Her DD is doing brilliantly there - she’s very straight and very clever and not unduly concerned by what’s going on around her so she will absolutely thrive. It wouldn’t be right for other girls though.

rightreckoner Wed 20-Feb-19 19:02:56

Btw I don’t mean straight/boring. I mean she’s very grounded and sensible and knows where she is headed academically. Not easily wobbled. That’s why it works for her.

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