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Ibstock Place or Emanuel?

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vconfusedmum Tue 19-Feb-19 17:45:59

DC has offers from both and we are trying to make a decision. Have a creative child heavily involved in the arts. I know Ibstock have a great Dance department but how is their Drama? Is the homework pretty intense? Would love any feedback about both schools! Thanks!

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ladygaga01 Wed 20-Feb-19 11:59:59

vconfusedmum Congratulations!! Well done to your DC. Entry is very competitive at both, so it's a privilege to have that choice. Both schools are wonderful and your DC will be happy at either.

Both have tons of outdoor space, both are co-ed, IPS loves MFL and your child will have to take French in GCSE. Emanuel an easy commute due to proximity to Clapham Junction.

I would take the "tons of homework" at Ibstock with a pinch of salt. Personally I think the jump from Primary to Secondary will always be a big one, and children will need to adapt to more work load one way or another.

I hear they get a lot of support at IPS and are organised in vertical groups with higher years, so integrate well and get to know a lot of the other students really quickly.

Without having a child in either (so just from 'outside impression') I would send a more 'arty' child to IPS.

AnotherNewt Wed 20-Feb-19 12:37:34

Emanuel drama is excellent a huge strength of the school (cast look familiar? you'll have seen some of them on screen - school is fully supportive of absences for filming) I don't think they do much dance though.

Which is the easier school run for your DC? Ibstock has fewer public transport connections than Emanuel, but that might nit matter from where you live.

vconfusedmum Wed 20-Feb-19 16:17:27

Thank you for your replies!! Emanuel is a lot closer (public bus or 30 min walk) but Ibstock isn’t a bad commute from Clapham junction or Wandsworth town. Train to Barnes then school shuttle. The dance at Ibstock is definitely a big draw but seems hard to turn down Emanuel drama. Is one school seen as more academic than the other? What about pastoral care?

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sh1111 Sun 24-Feb-19 18:20:03

Congratulations on both offers. I do not know IPS however have an arty child who is enjoying her A level art at Emanuel - new Dacre block has given them much more space for the Art department, and the teaching is very good.
My children are not that good at drama + dancing, however every year we get tickets for the musical as the quality of singing and dancing is superb and so great to see (their friends).

FlumePlume Sun 24-Feb-19 20:17:20

For a child who is serious about dance (ballet in particular) I think IPS would provide about the best training you could get outside a vocational ballet school. I don’t know about the rest of the school, but a mum I know through my daughter’s dance school has been seriously impressed with the dance teaching there.

SquirmOfEels Sun 24-Feb-19 23:50:59

You might like to read this

I can't find a similar one for Ibstock

vconfusedmum Tue 26-Feb-19 11:38:38

Thank you for all your replies! Is one school considered more “academic” than the other? Or are they about the same?

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ancientgeordiegirl Tue 26-Feb-19 23:43:30

Ibstock are having look rounds for prospective parents whose DCs have offers this week- I went today and the new Theatre is amazing so they seem to offer lots of drama and dance as well as having great sports facilities. They have another session at 11 am this Thursday if you think a second look in smaller groups will help your decision? I was very impressed today, was in a group of 3 families shown round by the Head. I liked her and the atmosphere of the school seems happy and purposeful. On a sunny day like today their location beside Richmond Park is hard to beat.

ancientgeordiegirl Tue 26-Feb-19 23:45:21

Also forgot to say a friend of mine has an academically minded boy in year 9 - they had the same choice as you between Ibstock and Emmanuel 3 years ago and went for Ibstock which they’ve been very happy with

Time4Gin Wed 27-Feb-19 14:59:19

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