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Confused about exam boards for revision - please help

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SchooledUp Mon 18-Feb-19 19:24:34

Hi. we live in Wales so DD is taking her exams under Wjec exam board and we have revision books for Wjec but some revision things, maths and science flashcards for instance, only seem to come in Edexcel and AQA versions. Can't help thinking most things in core subjects must crossover, especially as these are pretty much the subjects DD wants to do at A-level so even if she learnt 'irrelevant' extras they wouldn't be wasted. So I'm thinking it would still be worth getting revision cards from another exam board but is this wrong? Is either Edexcel or AQA relatively close to Wjec does anyone know? Or if it makes a huge difference for Maths and Science? TIA!

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