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Highgate School

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Charmat Sat 16-Feb-19 13:48:05

My dd has been offered a place at Highgate. We live in the Southgate area and wondered if any other children travel in from this area. Many thanks

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Charmat Wed 24-Apr-19 15:21:23

Hello all, I am based in Winchmore Hill and my DD has accepted a place at The Laytmer school , Edmonton. She doesn’t know anyone who is starting in September. I know she will make friends but it would be great if she already knew a few familiar faces before she’s starts. If anyone is in the same boat and would like to join a WhatsApp group or a meet up, please feel free to message me. Many Thanks 😊

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Letitbe8835 Fri 17-May-19 11:30:06

Hi, Charmet, we live in Islington, my ds got place at Highgate, and we has accepted a place at the the Laytermer school too. Looks like we are in same boat at moment 😂😂

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