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How can I find out how a particular 6th form performed in a specific subject?

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NWgirls Mon 18-Feb-19 08:50:25

You're welcome. Obviously "KS5" for A-level. Be prepared for a BIG spreadsheet to wade through!

Ynci Mon 18-Feb-19 08:13:17

I don’t live close, they do but my sister and I were chatting about it. Ease up guys, it was a simple “I wonder if I can find out” question!
Thanks NWGirls, I’ll have a go and see what we get.

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HotpotLawyer Sun 17-Feb-19 10:09:51

You don’t have to live close to ask them!

Somethingsmellsnice Sat 16-Feb-19 16:43:28

On the basis we don't know the OP's family set up maybe it is the aunt's business

NWgirls Sat 16-Feb-19 10:37:30

Yes - thanks to @DataEducator on a similar thread I managed to download spreadsheets with such details. I quote:

"This information is publicly available, go to compare school performance, download data, choose KS4 qualifications, find the right tab and filter for the school you want."

You select and download data for all the schools in the country, then find the correct school and info among thousands of rows in Excel.

Very useful when schools only release limited / overly summarised results. Also for A-level.

CherryPavlova Sat 16-Feb-19 10:34:59

Actually, it’s your nephew so his parents business not yours.

CherryPavlova Sat 16-Feb-19 10:34:04

It’s not the college that performs it’s the children. Data won’t give a true picture. Ask them. Ask why this cohort did badly. Email the head of science.

Witchend Sat 16-Feb-19 10:29:47

It's your local one and you aren't living close confused

Look on the website.
Although results don't necessarily tell the whole picture. You don't know whether they get amazing results considering that most of the students only got a 6 at GCSE (because there's one considered better up the road that the 7+ students go to). Or that the one up the road won't let anyone take who they don't think will get a B and above, whereas this one thinks that an E for some students is a fantastic achievement-which it can be. etc.

But by the 6th form (I have one) it's really for the student themselves to work out, possibly in conjunction with their parents if they ask for help. Don't think aunty saying they don't like the results is likely to be anything but lead balloon-like. Let him consider it-he's probably got the paper prospectus etc which may well have that in anyway.

Ynci Sat 16-Feb-19 10:23:22

Because we aren’t living close and I just wondered if there was a way!

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TheFrendo Fri 15-Feb-19 22:19:40

You need to ask them. Why not?

Ynci Fri 15-Feb-19 21:42:43

I have been told that our local 6th form college had disastrous chemistry results last year. Given my nephew is thinking of doing sciences there, we are a little concerned!
Other than just asking them, is there somewhere online I can find this info?

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