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Dulwich College offer letter

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AAA20 Thu 14-Feb-19 18:47:36

Hello everyone, please I want to know if anybody received any post for Dulwich College today . They said we should receive it by today , or maybe I got the date wrong . Thanks in advance . The waiting is killing me .

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Bondiboo74 Thu 14-Feb-19 18:50:21

I think all schools are posting their letters today so should receive them tomorrow

AAA20 Thu 14-Feb-19 18:52:31

@Bondiboo74 , thank you for the prompt response. I hope so, waiting patiently.

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Bondiboo74 Thu 14-Feb-19 18:53:50

We are waiting on DC too. Good luck

AAA20 Fri 15-Feb-19 15:37:20

Bondiboo74 any news yet ? Am still at work . Am feeling really nervous 😟

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Bondiboo74 Fri 15-Feb-19 15:39:41

We got the letter this morning. DS didn’t get an offer but is on the waiting list. We are ok with that result as we got offers from 3 other schools. Good luck!

freyamou Fri 15-Feb-19 15:47:27

Does anyone know how much movement there is normally on the Channing waiting list, or do they over offer a lot? TIA.

freyamou Fri 15-Feb-19 15:49:14

Sorry just realised I've posted this in the wrong place!

AAA20 Fri 15-Feb-19 15:59:24

Wow! Well done to your DC . You must be really proud

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Bondiboo74 Fri 15-Feb-19 17:04:01

AAA20 have you had your letter yet?

volpemum Fri 15-Feb-19 17:08:56

We have a WL for DC too....I was told that the list doesn’t move much so not to be too hopeful. Has anyone else heard anything different? Thankfully we also have another 2 options.

AAA20 Fri 15-Feb-19 17:09:08

We are on waiting list . I don’t know what to do as my son has his heart set on the school . The interview went well but I don’t understand where it all goes wrong . Do you have any idea how their waiting list works ? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you

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Bondiboo74 Fri 15-Feb-19 17:21:19

I have no idea AAA20 but will keep my fingers crossed for you that there are a lot of people declining their offers so that the WL moves. Hang on in there. It’s early days yet.

Worried7 Fri 15-Feb-19 17:48:28

We got an offer and we are very happy.My son really loved Dulwich so we will accept. Regarding the waitlist I would email the school and tell them that you are very keen and would accept an offer immediately should you receive one. After that wait until 6th Mach and send a follow up email. Also if you are at a Prep school your head may call on your behalf.

Icouldprobablygetaplace Fri 15-Feb-19 20:59:50

My son got offered a place - we are thrilled and will take it up. I do know there is movement and there will be kids who get other places at schools like Kings and will be making up their minds, so hang tight, and if you really want a place, get on the phone and call up and show your interest.

TahiraFaye Fri 15-Feb-19 21:02:43

Yes, if you’re at a feeder prep then I’d chat to the head about it and see if there are any strings to be pulled.

We got the letter today and DS was offered a place. He has some friends that are also waitlisted and they’ve been told not to get their hopes up.

Yey22 Fri 15-Feb-19 22:20:49

I know of children that will be declining the place for scholarships at different schools so there is movement.

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