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Epic lack of progress, WWYD

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TeenTimesTwo Wed 13-Feb-19 15:35:19

I would be looking to find out:
- are the scores based purely on one test, or on general work in class, homework etc
- for tests, has it been clear to DD in advance what will be tested
- for tests, are you aware how much/little effort DD has put into revision
- for tests, are you aware how effective any revision has been

My DD2 is less able, with some SpLD. I aim to assist her in all revision. I therefore know what she knows and what she doesn't, so then when looking over tests I can see whether it was something we didn't revise, something I thought she knew, or something I knew she hadn't grasped.

For subjects like English it can be hard to know what to revise. I finally worked out I can ask her what sort of question it is going to be, and what she has been taught to think about and include in her responses.

For science I find the CGP guides good (KS3 for you).

Progress won't always be linear, especially in subjects where different topics/skills are being taught/tested.
e.g. A child may be good at physics but less good at biology. A child may be good at creative writing but poor at analysing poems.

So in terms of WWYD. I would get more involved with preparation for tests.

GreenEggsHamandChips Wed 13-Feb-19 12:52:28

Just got DD year 8 report and its really worrisome. There's reasonable progress in 2 subjects. Compared to testing last summer shes scored lowered on 3 key subjects and very little progress on anything else.

Year 7 was diabolical health wise and whilst she kept a reasonable attendance it wasnt a great year. She still managed an okish report, the type of report that reflected a dodgy year but looks set to improve...She had a couple of weeks off early this year to help sort some of the more acute issues. But there is impact on her writing and her doctors are recommended putting in place extra time in exams and using a laptop. I was in school a few weeks back discussing the implementation, it is possible that the tests didnt give her that.

during which i raised a concern over her concerntration (something that has bubbled under the surface on and off over the years). They said they would message her teachers to ask. The three replies i have had suggested she was doing well and didnt seem concerned. (Two of these subjects she either made no progress or regressed )

Its notable the two subjects she performed ok on she was using the laptop. But they are also her two favorites and is i suspect therefore more motivated (to concerntrate?).

Also the school has gone from special measures the year before DD started to good. But there is an undercurrent of "were the leftovers none chooses to come here" culture that the school have worked hard on. DD has started talking about taking less academic GCSEs because "she doesn't score well on tests.

Now im at a loss what to do. Do i start looking at new schools, do i ask for ed psyc , do i come down on her like a ton of bricks or do i give it until the end of yhe year to see if everything turns round by itself. I just dont know. Ive ask for a meeting at school but at this point i have no idea what i should be asking for. Help?

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