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UCS Hampstead - Senior School, what is it like

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Zaggybuns Tue 12-Feb-19 20:58:52

Hello there,
My son has been offered a place at the Senior School in a couple of years. We have visited and liked the school a lot, also the extra curricular with music, drama and sport is excellent.
Just want to hear from families with direct experience how they boys got on (teachers, friends group, families) and also when the new playing fields will be ready (seems like ages since the works have gone on).
Thanks in advance

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PatienceVirtue Wed 13-Feb-19 10:20:07

Ha, that playing fields business has been going on forever... however I can't believe it will affect your boy since they're starting to play matches again this term. It's been v annoying to have had so many away games.

We're pleased with it. Not like obsessively pleased, you know how so parents are about how their child's school is the best. The teaching is good and efficient and where it's not been, they've been quick to act and improve. He doesn't seem to get much homework, way less than friends at City, but the results are similar. I like that they're pretty relaxed about uniform and concentrate their energies on more important stuff. I'm glad that he wants to stay on for 6th form, which feels like a proper 6th form (i.e. girls and non uniform) that will be a bridge to university.

Zaggybuns Wed 13-Feb-19 17:02:21

Thank you PatienceVirtue, that is useful to know

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