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Fulham Seniors

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Puttheknifedown Sun 10-Feb-19 19:04:06

Just wondering if anyone out there has their children at Fulham Prep and/or Seniors? It would be great to get a parent's view as it's a school which has created a really positive impression with us; the leadership team seem to be aspirational and forward-thinking and the ethos of the school seems warm and have a lovely family-vibe. The children seemed genuinely delightful that showed us round.

I am interested in how many actually stay on after the 11+ and go into the seniors - and of those that stay on, are they happy with the provision? Just after some general feedback really - we have an offer there and are weighing it all up - I guess the downside is lack of outdoor space and a new site, which isn't complete yet - but does it make up for it in all other areas? What about sports? Any insights from parents would be super appreciated - thank you!

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