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What's going on with A level PE?

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clary Fri 08-Feb-19 14:33:04

Ds2 (yr 11) is so sporty, really wants to do A level PE. Other choices are facilitating subjects so I am ok with that. We looked at several sixth forms as well as the one at his current school, and several of them do BTEC not a level PE.

Don't want to start a btec debate but he us academic and doesn't want to limit options do wants to do A level. The btec offer is at some pretty academic sixth forms tbh.

Yesterday he went on interview to one possible, and they told him there that they might well not run the PE A level at all!

Anyone else found this? Is there something terrible about PE a level? At his current school it is quite popular (15 ppl in yr 13 doing it).

His other thoughts are maths/fm/biology btw.

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busymummy3 Tue 12-Feb-19 09:01:41

I am interested in any replies to this as well.
My DD will be staying at her school sixth form and they offer both BTEC and A level PE.
However she has been told need to be at least county standard in one of her sports which she is not.
Also because of the amount of coursework involved in BTEC have been advised to take only 2 A levels.
She is also very academic so is also concerned what effect this would have on future uni choices etc.
Her A level thoughts so far are English Lit Law Psychology.
Anyone with kids who have done either BTEC or A level PE would be welcome.

busymummy3 Tue 12-Feb-19 09:06:25

* I mean at least county standard to do A level PE.
It's a bit of a dilemna as she loves PE and is doing so well at GCSE PE and we think it would combine so well with her other A level possible choices .

clary Tue 12-Feb-19 10:25:06

Thanks busy mummy. No mention of ds needing to be county standard, tho he did compete for his county last year (athletics). The practical element is all out if school as I understand it, Ds2 is already hitting a good level anyway according to his teacher (throws discus 30m +)

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