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Best Secondary school in North Surrey (Walton, Weybridge, Esher, Hampton, Surbiton etc)

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flowerpot38 Mon 04-Feb-19 18:19:23

I'm looking at options for a secondary school in North Surrey for DD.
I'm thinking:
*Co-ed rather than single sex
*Private or state
* Welcoming ethos (accepting of different wealth/status in both directions!) amongst parents and staff, friendly especially if DD is from a different primary to most
*Large enough school so that there is a wide pool of friends
* Caring/nurturing atmosphere, help DC deal with exam pressure
* Good standards of behaviour, zero tolerance to bullying
* High academic standards

DD is fairly bright, loves English, dancing and drama. She's enthusiastic, bubbly, well behaved, eager to learn, loves a vibrant atmosphere with good discipline. She can be easily swayed by her peers so keen she has positive friendships and stays motivated to learn throughout secondary.

Can anyone give me their opinions on:

Esher High
Claremont Fan Court School
Salesians RC School
St Georges RC College
Sir William Perkins
Tiffin Girls
Surbiton High School?
( Last 4 would need to rethink co ed plans!)
Any others I have missed?

Also, is anyone holding out for the new free school to be built next to Xcel in Walton (run by Heathside)? DD likely to be one of first cohorts.

Haven't ruled out moving to corresponding primary for couple of years, depending on which secondary we decide on.
Interested to hear everyone's opinions smile

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FamilyOfAliens Mon 04-Feb-19 18:25:24

If you’re looking at Salesian in Chertsey, check out their entry criteria first.

Unless you’re practicising catholics living in the diocese with regular, verifiable church attendance and your child has been baptised and you’re on first-name terms with the parish priest, don't bother.

SWPS has extremely high academic entry requirements.

I don’t know about the others - I’m not sure all of them are in North Surrey.

TheExtraGuineaPig Mon 04-Feb-19 18:30:51

KGS is a very popular co-ed school not on your list.

The sought after state option seems to be Hinchley Wood. Feeder school is more important than straight line distance. You also missed Three Rivers Academy in Walton. (I don't know much about it)

Esher High seems good (our local), there aren't many people complaining or trying desperately to go elsewhere from our school (apart from Tiffin/ private) . It also feeds into Esher College for 6th form which is very highly thought of.

flowerpot38 Mon 04-Feb-19 18:48:51

Thanks FamilyofAliens and sorry, I shouldn't really have written just North Surrey! I understand the entry reqs for Salesians, just wondered if anyone has any firsthand experience. Interested to hear any views on SWPS if DD were accepted?
I didn't realise KGS was girls too...thanks ExtraGuineaPig. And good to hear about Esher College.

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Oblomov19 Mon 04-Feb-19 19:35:53

I have first hand current experience of salxxx's. I have been very very happy. Impressed.
It's unlikely that you get in if you didn't fulfil all the feeder school, current church attendance, baptism, holy communion etc criteria. Applications are fierce!!wink
If you are not practicing, why would you even want to? Head makes it very very clear at open evenings that the catholic ethos is very very strong at the school.

flowerpot38 Mon 04-Feb-19 20:24:16

Oblomov19, thanks... totally aware of all the criteria, and I've also heard great things about Salesians. Also considering other Catholic schools. All that aside, I'm interested in how the strong Catholic ethos lends itself to nurturing inclusive attitudes to others (in school and later in life).

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FamilyOfAliens Mon 04-Feb-19 20:31:34

The catholic ethos is indeed “very, very strong”.

To the point where in their oversubscription criteria, catholic Looked After Children are at priority 1 and non-catholic Looked After Children are priority 6.

That might give you a flavour of their inclusive attitudes, OP.

sollyfromsurrey Sat 09-Feb-19 19:02:13

My view for what it's worth

Esher High - decent enough middle of the road
Claremont Fan Court School - was very weak and a bit weird but new head is from Kings Wimbledon so possibly big changes ahead as long as he stays.
Salesians RC School - reasonably good results. Hard to get into if not Catholic.
St Georges RC College - variable results but not bad. Nice campus.
Sir William Perkins - academic and good results but not a hot house. Fairly balanced staff and parents. Bit of an awkward location.
Tiffin Girls - VERY hard to get in. Based purely on academics. Very high number of applicants to places. One of the toughest grammars to get into in the country. Big ethnic mix. Questionable added value.
LEH - excellent results. Difficult to get into. Bit of a hothouse but suits some girls.
Surbiton High School? - big for an independent so slightly broader intake than some but very good results.

Lindy2 Sat 09-Feb-19 22:50:11

Chertsey High School is a new free school (has year 7 and 8s attending now) which is linked to Salesians. Teachers at Salesians also teach at the free school.
It is supposed to be non religious - although I'm not entirely convinced it is. The compolsory girls kilts look rather traditional Catholic uniform to me. hmm
It may however be an option if you are considering living near Chertsey.
With any state school in North Surrey (or in fact Surrey as a whole) you are generally going to have to live within a few miles of it and be in the catchment area in order to get a place.

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