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State vs Indie Wimbledon: thoughts??

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TuffEric Sun 03-Feb-19 22:16:06

We’re in Wimbledon and starting to think already about secondaries (2 girls, eldest yr 2) because we have been considering a move out of London. We’re increasingly feeling that we want to stay put but concerned about options for secondary schools. We would really struggle to pay private school fees (read, we really can’t afford them) so looking for reflections on Rickards Lodge/Ursuline (ideally from current/recent parents) and/or thoughts on grammar schools locally. Anyone gone state and been super happy or the other way round? Anyone really stretched to indie and feels it was all worth it? Is Tiffin Girls a non-starter?? All reflections gratefully received!

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User260486 Mon 04-Feb-19 19:30:50

Some children travel to Sutton grammars but it is quite a long journey in the morning rush hour so your choice will probably be between state and independent. Ricards' reputation has really improved in the recent years, and for many WHS is the most desirable option amoung indys.
Tiffin is the whole different story, just search for the threads on getting into Tiffin and staying there (it is definitely not everyone's cup of tea).
You need to be Catholic to have a good chance at Ursuline.

Jimjam68 Mon 04-Feb-19 22:55:01

There’s nothing to stop you visiting Ricards/Ursuline now if you want to get an idea. I have friends with DDs at both and most seem happy. Ursuline gets the best value added score in Merton. The grammars are a long shot and involve a journey, but kids do make it from the local state primaries. But be prepared to tutor, and be realistic about your DDs abilities. They need to be in the top 2/3 in their year. You can also try for Graveney in neighbouring Wandsworth, by sitting the Wandsworth test. Still hard to get in but not quite as hard as the grammars.

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