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How many hours a week of Maths, English, Science and MFL?

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NeleusTheStatue Fri 01-Feb-19 14:44:23

I've never really thought of this but someone's comment made me think... DS is Year 7 and he has 3 periods per week for each subject. Does it sound okay? They get good enough exam results.

Would anyone kindly share how many hours a week of those subjects are timetabled at your DCs' school?


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TeenTimesTwo Fri 01-Feb-19 15:02:48

DD2, y9. Per fortnight.
Maths -6
English - 6
Science - 6
French - 5
So pretty much the same as you. Can't remember what she had in y7 but probably very similar.

Seeline Fri 01-Feb-19 15:05:44

Don't forget that they will drop a lot of subjects when they get to GCSEs so will have more time spent on the subjects they have chosen.

TeenTimesTwo Fri 01-Feb-19 15:13:29

At DDs school the 4 GCSE options get 5hrs per fortnight each (20). The science gets 10, and the other 20 go on Maths & English with a little on ICT/short RE/PE/Triple science

Epanoui Fri 01-Feb-19 15:13:59

DD is in Y7 and gets approx 2 and a half hours for each subject you mention. She gets much less for eg humanities.

AugustRose Fri 01-Feb-19 15:17:44

DD2 Year 7 does, per fortnight:

English - 6.25
Maths - 6.25
Science - 7.5
French - 3.5
German - 3.5

They have an odd timetables so the hours are not exact for some reason confused

maz99 Fri 01-Feb-19 15:24:50

My DD is at the beginning of GCSEs in year 9, and per week she has:

English - 4
Science - 4
Maths - 4
German - 2
Geography - 3

NeleusTheStatue Fri 01-Feb-19 15:31:19

Thanks all for the sharing. It seems more of less the same.

Could I also ask you guys if yours are at state/independent, academic/relaxed, and how much homework daily or weekly? Wondering if it has any influence on the numbers in general.

Mine is at independent, and get an hour self-study/homework 4 days a week.

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TeenTimesTwo Fri 01-Feb-19 15:39:15

Mine (see above) is a state comp, with a relaxed attitude to h/w in KS3 (i.e. very little)

The bottom line is that a state school has ~25hrs per week to do:
Maths, English, Science
RE, Geography, History,
ICT / Computer Science
Technology subjects (food, textiles, product design, materials),
Arts subjects (drama, dance, art, music)

It is all a compromise really.

I think the thing most likely to have impact would be:
- Selective or not (selective may well offer fewer Tech/Arts)
- General Level of incoming maths/English (if poor y6 SATs, would need more time to try to improve them)

Heifer Fri 01-Feb-19 15:54:30

The lesson time may also vary. So it may be that someone else more number of lessons of a subject but in reality the same time spent.
DD has 5 x 1hr lessons per day

Epanoui Fri 01-Feb-19 16:01:09

DD is at an academic independent with a very relaxed attitude to school. They explicitly say they try hard not to make things excessively stressful/tiring/competitive for the girls. She gets very little homework, about half an hour each weekday and nothing in holidays. A lot of it is reading or learning vocab or something like that.

NeleusTheStatue Fri 01-Feb-19 16:44:46

DS has 55 mins per lesson, not an hour... He gets half an hour to an hour homework each weekend on top but nothing in holidays. Not sure if it's considered relaxed or too much. He does his weekday homework at school so I don't know how much homework he is actually getting during weekdays. His timetable says an hour x 4 but he may finish early some days.

His MFL will prob increase next year (Y8) as he's taking up another language. Not sure if this means his days will be longer, or the time spent on other subjects will be cut down, or he'll get less break.

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AugustRose Fri 01-Feb-19 20:01:37

State grammar and they are supposed to get an hour of homework each night (2/3 subjects) but it's less than that at the minute, usually 1/2 subjects per night but some might only be a quick 10 minutes.

cheminotte Fri 01-Feb-19 22:23:01

State school Y7
Maths, English, science - 3 hours per week
History, geography, Mfl, PE - 2 hours per week
PSHE, nutrition, DT, dance/drama, music, RE - 1 hour per week

Homework is variable - maths sets a worksheet every week, all other subjects (except PE) set something about every 3 weeks, but no apparent coordination so some weeks hardly anything, next week loads. Most have 1 week to do it in and we try to at least start each week with everything done.

Schneeball Sat 02-Feb-19 07:41:29

Y7 Comp, 3 hrs maths and Eng, 2 hrs Lang, 2 hrs science, 4 hrs Humanities. 2 for PE and tech. 1 for music, art, mixed drama/dance, IT. Science get an additional hour from Hum in Y8&9. Lessons are actually 65 minutes which all adds up over a year of course. Homework mainly once a week, once a fortnight for subjects taught only once a week. Most homework 30-60 minutes.

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