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Dover College - any experiences?

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IndecisiveMuch Fri 01-Feb-19 06:40:04

Just that, really. Looking at DC for next year and would really welcome any opinions. Child is pretty academic.

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AnotherDayGoes01 Fri 01-Feb-19 11:55:57

IMO I wouldn't say this is the ideal school for the academic child. I think the academic DC at the prep there leave at 11 and go to one of the excellent local grammar schools. The only DC I know who go to Dover College are those that failed the Kent Test / Dover Test. They offer a lot of BTECs instead of GCSEs too which wouldn't suit the academic child so well.

You should also note it is a very small school, approx. 30 per year in the seniors and doesn't even have enough pupils for an orchestra.

You don't say if you are day or boarding? If boarding you obviously have a very wide choice. If day this would actually be my last choice in the East Kent area and I think the fact that the fees are the lowest in the area possibly means others would agree. The senior school of choice at my DCs prep currently is Kent College (Canterbury). But you're looking at another £4 or £5k per year.

The Dover College head Mr Doodes is mentioned on this thread

I would recommend Kent state grammar schools in your situation!

IndecisiveMuch Fri 01-Feb-19 15:07:16

Thanks for taking the time to reply. We're looking at day, but Kent College could be doable - it hasn't really been on our radar up until now but I will definitely have a look. Do you know how KC compares to St Edmund's in terms of reputation?

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AnotherDayGoes01 Fri 01-Feb-19 17:55:13

With the caveat that this is entirely based on schoolground talk I think that St Edmunds is very musical and quirky and Kent College a bit more serious and sporty. Kent College I believe so A levels and IB so arguably more academic.

I think the issue in a fully selective county like Kent is that the brightest children are far more likely to go to the Grammar schools than the indies. You could argue that the big name schools dont suffer in this way but there is another thread where the OP is choosing between Judd and Sevenoaks and there are some valid points on there. IMO bright children do well in a class with other bright children and you are more likely to find these in the Grammar schools than the Kent indies. You have to weigh up if they are providing a benefit of £12k -£20k pa to your DC over the free state Grammars.

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