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Double science instead of individual

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lottiebear69 Wed 30-Jan-19 15:31:50

Just that really our private secondary school sets kids for science at this point in year 10 and a third only do double science meaning they can get 9 GCSEs rather than 10. My DS is someone that struggles with science so is doing double but taught for same amount of time as those doing triple so should I be getting worried he’ll only get 9 GCSEs ? I assume it’s better for him to try and get 2 good science grades rather than 3 not so good ones. Advice welcome

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Furrycushion Wed 30-Jan-19 15:33:59

9 is plenty and much better to get 2 good grades than 3 mediocre ones.

TeenTimesTwo Wed 30-Jan-19 16:03:39

Agree with furry

BringOnTheScience Thu 31-Jan-19 01:26:43

Absolutely! Two better grades is way more useful than three lower ones.

Back in the day, we did just 8 subjects! This inflation to 9, 10, 11, 12 is relatively recent.

Heifer Thu 31-Jan-19 09:23:16

A lot of State/Academy schools sit 9 GCSEs these days so I wouldn't worry. I looked into it when I heard DD would "only" be sitting 9 but realised it was all ok. Gives her a much better chance of getting great results in my mind. She didn't have to drop anything she really wanted to do so 9 seems perfect for her (triple science included).

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