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Cardinal Vaughan Sixth Form

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CTMSW6 Sat 19-Jan-19 15:00:13

Does anyone have experience of CVMS Sixth Form? For sciences and computers? How much support and/or success does the school have with Universities?

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OddballMumof2 Sun 27-Sep-20 12:59:10

Hi CTMSW6, Wondering if you managed to get get any insights into CVMS Sixth form?
We are considering it for my DD and are interested in any insights.

DD is not sure which university degrees to focus on, so after reviewing options, she's looking at 2 facilitating subjects (Bio and Maths) alongside Psychology (and/or Eng Lit for AS).

The available information indicates CVMS have a good overall success rate in A-levels and getting offers from well-respected, guessing that's a good enough indicator?

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