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Any advice for SPGS interviews please?

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mojitwo Sat 19-Jan-19 14:38:16

Hi I hope nobody minds me asking this, but does anyone know the format for the interview at SPGS - eg. are there academic questions or anything to prepare for? Is it more of a general chat? Any info would be greatly received. Thankyou!

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Glaciferous Sat 19-Jan-19 15:27:56

It won't be academic questions, more of a general chat. They might ask things like what does your daughter like or not like about school. DD ended up talking about religion and how she would persuade a religious person to question their faith. They show them a picture and ask them about it. DD thoroughly enjoyed hers.

KingscoteStaff Sat 19-Jan-19 17:03:30

I think it is an attempt to divide the coached from the genuinely exceptional. It is intended to give the girls a real chance to show their spark. Both the girls from my class last year really came out buzzing - my fingers are crossed for my 3 next Wednesday!

mojitwo Sat 19-Jan-19 18:10:25

Thanks Glaciferous and Kingscote. DD has not been coached by tutors at all, but she is in a prep geared to 11 plus. Good to know it’s nothing specific. I guess just be yourself?

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Glaciferous Sat 19-Jan-19 21:58:42

Yes, just tell her to be herself! And not to be shy because they really do want to know about her.

mojitwo Mon 21-Jan-19 09:28:24

Thanks again Glaciferous. Would you have any idea how many girls are interviewed In relation to the number of places available? Just trying to work out the odds!

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Glaciferous Mon 21-Jan-19 15:18:08

I am not sure if this is true or not, but I have heard it said that the odds are around 1 in 2 at that stage. They take 100 girls give or take a few so will be interviewing a couple of hundred. I don't know how many offers they make.

lanalon Tue 22-Jan-19 11:10:29


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