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Anyone heard of Guildford High school 11+ result yet

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Jeanhoop Wed 16-Jan-19 20:59:51

Our top choice!

I am lurking on other 11+ threads and some schools which exams held later have already proceeded to the interview round.

Awggg! The wait!!!

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GU24Mum Wed 16-Jan-19 21:01:42

Unless it's changed, there aren't further interviews (except poss for music scholarships?) so I think you're likely to hear next week. Good luck - we're waiting for the boys' schools and those take far longer to come through!

Jeanhoop Wed 16-Jan-19 21:06:26

Thanks so much GU24Mum, I didnt know they dont do interview(we had a short one in the assessment day). We will have to move but very excited and could only start looking for houses if there is an offer. And good luck to your son too!

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Fifthtimelucky Wed 16-Jan-19 22:34:57

Going on my experience (a few years out of date, as my younger daughter left in the summer) I'd expect the letters to arrive on Saturday.

Good luck!

Atreyu Thu 17-Jan-19 10:17:26

Yes I think that's right. Tormead said they were posting on the 18th and I think GHS and St Cats do the same. So an anxious wait by the postbox on Saturday...

Jeanhoop Thu 17-Jan-19 15:09:24

I dont have a good feeling as we havent got any correspondence either from bursary application and/or music audition. Does any if you know in terms of numbers applied/took the test and numbers of offer/place. Anyone choose GHS over LEH in the past.

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OlderThanAverageforMN Thu 17-Jan-19 16:06:29

Argghhh - The dreaded wait for letters. I remember it well. We had one yes and one no for GHS. The no went to Tormead instead and is extremely happy there so all turned out well in the end.

Fifthtimelucky Thu 17-Jan-19 21:17:43

You will get to hear about the result of music scholarship auditions at the same time that you find out whether your daughter has a place. As far as I know, if you have applied for a bursary I think you will find out at the same time.

Elevenplusplus Thu 17-Jan-19 21:45:50

Jeanhoop - well done to your DD for getting a music scholarship audition. My DD applied but didn’t get an audition - her teachers were surprised and said that it must be very competitive for music this year. What instruments does she play at what level, if you don’t mind my asking?
I agree with a PP - the results should be in Saturday’s post.

notnigella Thu 17-Jan-19 22:46:07

I've been told by all three schools (GHS, Tormead, St Cats) that letters will be posted tomorrow and should arrive on Saturday. I know that Priorsfield results were received today.

violinandpiano Fri 18-Jan-19 10:56:35

Elevenplusplus, I saw some of them are grade 5 or grade 7. Because they brought the ABRSM grade book.

Janehoop Fri 18-Jan-19 18:22:01

Thanks so much for the info, I will sit next to the mail box tomorrow morning.

Elevenplusplus, we play an orchestra instrument and hasnt taken an exam for a very long time. It was a really long shot for us so little hope. Even without both bursary and music scholarship we will still go for it if offered, it is our first choice.

Elevenplusplus Sat 19-Jan-19 10:22:15

Thanks for the feedback.
We got a GHS offer letter this morning (and a music scholarship offer from another school). Hope others have had good news.

Fifthtimelucky Sat 19-Jan-19 10:24:09

Congrats on the offers. Have you decided which to accept?

Janehoop Sat 19-Jan-19 10:39:48

Many congratulations!

We havent received any letter, the postman came however there wasnt a letter from the school. Might be Monday!

Elevenplusplus Sat 19-Jan-19 11:10:03

That sounds maddening about the post - I hope you hear on Monday.

Janehoop Sat 19-Jan-19 11:34:57

Ah, seperate post just came and a yes for us(no music scholarship nor bursary), still extremely happy.

Fifthtimelucky Sat 19-Jan-19 11:37:53

Glad the post has come and you don't have to wait for another 2 days. Congrats to your daughter.

Elevenplusplus Sat 19-Jan-19 12:03:07

Well done - and that’s great the post turned up!

BabyHope2 Sat 19-Jan-19 19:21:30

Hello ladies-
Some parents seem to have received their results for the 11+ exam.
We contacted the school and they told us that our results will be sent on Monday.
I am not superstitious but was wondering if the those who already received their results are the ones who got acccepted and those who will receive it on Monday are those who are rejected.
Pls can someone shed some light or share any experience with receiving GHS later...

Janehoop Sat 19-Jan-19 20:07:23

It must be the late arrival one, mine came as the second post today, no idea why.

Does any of you know how many took the test and how many were offered scholarship.

Any view from current parents about life at the school is much appreciated(and also life in Guildford as we are moving).

Elevenplusplus Sat 19-Jan-19 20:22:16

Someone was saying on the exam day that there were around 240 candidates. I don’t know whether that includes junior school pupils or not.
I don’t know how many scholarships are given out.
Fifth - I forgot to answer your question. We haven’t made a decision yet.
BabyHope - I don’t know whether the delay has any significance or not.

BabyHope2 Sun 20-Jan-19 12:44:52

I really hope so. The waiting so awful...

OlderThanAverageforMN Sun 20-Jan-19 17:26:38

Academic scholarships - From memory they only give out a couple every year...the maddening thing being I know of several girls who got offered scholarships at several schools, not only academic but also music or art, or sport or drama, and then of course only choose one, meaning the others ones are lost.

Greenleave Sun 20-Jan-19 19:52:26

We have the scholarship offer and have to accept it before 14/02 otherwise its gone so I dont think it will be lost.

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