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Art Scholarship exam help

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NettleTea Thu 03-Jan-19 18:19:11

my 12 year old son is taking an art scholarship exam in 3 weeks

He is great at drawing in B&W, and the first part of the exam is a 1 hour still life, so I am not worried about that

However he has been in state school and his art lessons til now have been quite hit and miss and he does not have a huge amount of confidence in working in colour, nor has he ever been given a title and told to go and make a piece of art based upon that.

I have a friend who is an art teacher coming over to run him through using watercolour pencils, as that seems to be something that he may be able to get to grips with.

My main issue is that I have no experience of private school entrance exams, and have no idea of the sort of title they might throw at him

Has anyone elses child sat an art scholarship, and can you remember what the title of the freestyle colour work was, just as an idea

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