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Holland Park secondary school 2018. Not sure?

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hjar Sun 23-Dec-18 17:11:17

Hi does anyone have any children that currently attend Holland Park secondary school?

I am thinking of applying for my son next year. I went to visit in the summer and liked it, but there are such mixed reviews online regarding teacher turnover, band 1 favouritism and zero tolerance discipline.

The building was immaculate and the word 'perfect' was used A LOT - this makes me a bit sceptical and worries me that the children are put under constant pressure, but I do appreciate that I don't know how this is delivered or achieved.

My son is bright and well behaved but wouldn't be in band 1. He is sporty and swims competitively. I would really love to hear from any parents who have children there at the moment, to find out how their children are doing and what the school is like now. Many thanks

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hillbilly Sun 30-Dec-18 00:12:50

My daughter is in yr 9, band 2 and is happy at school. There's a lot more sport available now than there used to be for those who want including Saturday mornings. Academically it's rigorous and in depth feedback from teachers on homework with redrafts asked for when necessary. The teaching staff are mostly young and very hard working. They are very accessible via email and phone. We are happy with the school but like any there are bumps along the way. The choir and performing arts are great as additional things to do but I do find that rehearsals take up a lot of time and often override academic extra sessions (which are provided after school in most subjects). Behaviour is generally good and everyone seems to accept the zero tolerance policy. Behaviour definitely better in bands 1 & 2 than 3 & 4 from what I hear.

I suppose it depends on what other choices of schools you have. For us it's definitely the best choice. Our daughter is very involved, has good friends but sometimes struggles academically and with the constant testing but I think that would be similar in most schools these days.

Hope that helps.

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