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Clapton Girls Academy

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ladypartridge Wed 19-Dec-18 13:44:19

Hello everyone, I’m panicking about having to make a secondary school choice in Hackney soon. (Need to start thinking as it will more than likely require us to move house for catchment before application)

I’m very, very keen for your thoughts on Clapton Girls. Is it an environment where, if you love academics, you feel supported to learn/ go beyond and push yourself?

My impression is of a very supportive school with a good feminist ethos, is this the case?

I would love my good impression of the school to be confirmed but equally would be keen for your warnings if any.

All my life I have supported state secondary schooling and have always assumed my girls would go to Clapton Girls. Now I’m second-guessing myself as people around me sheepishly reveal their girls are down for 11+ at private schools.

Anyway, I would love your feedback on this school. The last threads are from quite a while ago.

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EdgyMcNervous Thu 20-Dec-18 06:48:23

I don’t have personal experience (and would not be in the catchment) but a good friend of mine’s daughter absolutely loved it, was stretched, made lovely friends, got involved in a tonne of extra curricular stuff. They had to move for work and their DD really misses the school. She is bright, kind, v outdoorsy into animals, gymnastics, music etc

I also met someone who teaches there. V clever lady who I imagine would be an awesome teacher. When I asked her about the school in passing she spoke highly of it and mentioned specifically that they work hard to stretch everyone (the implication being not just those whose parents are on it), and I thought that sounded v encouraging.

But, as I say, no actual direct experience. Hopefully someone else will come along with some soon.

Re state vs private, we have just been through this (DD1 is year 6 now) and I was in the same boat as you i.e. pro state but then had a wobble about it all in the past year and started fretting about class sizes, curriculum breadth etc So we looked around a bunch of private schools (many of which were v impressive), registered to do one of the exams etc. But in the end we pulled DD out of the Jan 11+ exam and decided to take the place she’s been offered at what sounds like an excellent state school. Now we’ve made the decision I feel much calmer about it and DD is v happy. But i do think it’s natural to question all sorts of things you were ‘sure’ about when the deadline gets closer. All I would say is do go and visit a bunch of places - instinct goes a long way. In the end, our decision honestly was based on what felt like the right school for DD, though obviously we might have got it all wrong. Ask me in a few years!

And good luck in the meantime...

ladypartridge Thu 20-Dec-18 07:19:28

Thank you so much EdgyMcNervous it is good to feel less alone about this edgy, nervous time!

Great intel about the school thanks so much

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thehorseandhisboy Mon 24-Dec-18 21:25:54

I know several girls who have gone to or who are at Clapton girls. Very different children with very different needs, and all were well catered for, did well academically and enjoyed school.

They have all described it as supportive most certainly.

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